Mulch Mat

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Mulch Mat

Mulch Mat is a top quality spun bonded polypropylene fabric which has high water and air permeability. The fabric also features good tensile and tear strength.

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Mulch Mat is a top quality spunbonded polypropylene fabric that has high water and air permeability. The fabric also features good tensile and tear strength. Mulch Mat has no visible holes or gaps which enables greater water permeability than woven weed control mats and yet it still suppresses weed growth.

It is easy to cut and won't fray due to its spun construction. Our top quality Mulch Mat not only prevents weeds from growing but it protects soil and seeds from erosion and allows air to flow through the spun poly fabric for healthy plants and soil.

Please note: Although Mulch Mat does have some UV resistant properties, it is recommended the Mulch Mat is covered with mulch, stones or bark chips to keep it out of direct sunlight and give it a longer life.


  • 30gsm
  • Suppresses weed growth
  • High water and air permeability
  • Protects soil and seed from erosion


  • 0.8 x 10m
  • 1.6 x 10m


Available in black only.


Lay on top of soil or bury in layers. Ensure edges are secured (with Weed Mat Staples) and not allowed to flap.


A versatile geo fabric that is suitable for domestic or commercial weed prevention, soil and erosion stabilisation.  

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What is Mulch Mat?

Mulch Mat is a bonded polypropylene fabric suitable for laying on soil to assist in erosion control and assist in erosion prevention

What is the difference between Mulch Mat and Weed Mat?

Weed Mat is a woven polypropylene product. Mulch Mat is a spun polypropylene material. Weed Mat may be better to prevent weeds long term whereas mulch mat may be better on sloping grounds where some soil stabilisation/erosion control is needed.  

How do I cut it?

With a sharp pair of scissors.

How long will it last?

It should last at least one year but can break down more quickly if exposed to high UV environments or installed in very wet locations.

Is it Waterproof?

No. Water can drain through from above.

What colours does it come in?


How long until you can ship me a roll?

We hold stocks of Mulch Mat and can ship it out the same or next day depending on what time you place your order.

Can I pick it up?

Of course. We always recommend calling ahead so that we can have your order picked and ready for collection.

I’m in a regional area, how do I get it?

No problem. We ship Australia wide.