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Shade Australia is in need of experienced tradies and skilled handy persons who are looking to expand their businesses by installing shade sails, shade umbrellas and carrying out other onsite jobs related to sun-shades such as check measuring, general maintenance and client liaison.


Shade Australia Installations


Shade Australia sells and services a wide range of high value shade and shelter products, which require installation and maintenance. We sell our products right across Australia with Sydney and the other capital cities being our main markets.


Right now we are urgently seeking installers for work in these areas;


  • South West Sydney
  • Eastern Suburbs
  • North Shore


Shade Sail Check Measure

What we are seeking are ongoing relationships with people who are good with their hands and are able to carry out onsite work on our behalf. We will make the sale and send you a Purchase Order to carry out the installation.


Typical tasks would include;


  • Performing onsite check-measures to ensure that the item we are supplying will fit and that the installation can be easily carried out with no unforeseen problems.
  • Measuring-up shade sails so that we can provide accurate quotations to customers wanting to replace shade sails they already have which are worn out. Much of this work is in schools or child care centres so appropriate checks and credential will be need here.
  • Installing commercial umbrellas. Typically, this includes bolting down a baseplate using expansion anchors and then standing the umbrella and doing the hand over to the client.
  • Servicing umbrellas and awnings. This type of work is in high demand and requires the installer to visit the site and service or replace various components.
  • Picking up damaged products and returning them to our warehouse or preparing them for shipping back to the factory for repair.


This is just a short list of some of the many tasks that a shade installer might carry out. You will be able to pick and choose what jobs you want to take on and what jobs you consider out of your area of expertise. For instance, some installers may want to actually install shade sails, posts and all for customers (a service which is in high demand) while other will choose just to focus on installing smaller umbrellas or doing check measures.


Installing a Commercial Umbrella

Installing a Commercial Umbrella


~ Full Training for every installation will be given ~


Whatever your area of expertise or interest, we would very much like to hear from you. Right now we are in urgent need of local installers in the Sydney region.


Common Questions


What are the Payment Terms?

You would be a contractor to Shade Australia. Every job you do, we would send you a Purchase Order so you’ll know exactly what the rate you’re being paid is. You don’t have to deal with the end customer to get paid, once the job is done, we’ll pay the agreed price directly into your account.


Over the years we’ve developed a lot of knowledge on how much time it takes to install your products and or payment rates are generous. Our customers however expect a very professional service where you, the tradesperson, contact them directly and organise with them when you will be there.


Who Would This Suit?

Shade Sail Installation

 This work would suit anyone who is;


  • A handy bloke who isn’t afraid of a bit of work
  • A tradesman who is wanting to add a new source of work to his or her business
  • Someone who values good customer service
  • Someone who is very good with their hands
  • Someone who is good with customers and has a high sense of professionalism
  • Someone who can accurately read a tape measure


What tools and equipmet would be required?


  • Ideally, you’d have a ute with racks on it to carry our larger umbrellas
  • Masonry drill
  • Ladders
  • Standard tradie tool kit


If this sounds like something you’d like to know more about then please get in touch.

Give us a call on 02 9605-5560 or

Send an email to get things started.


Thank you for your interest. We look forward to getting to know you introducing you into the rapidly growing shade industry. 





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