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Load Rated Construction
316 Stainless Steel
Suitable for Shade sail & general purpose applications

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Stainless steel D-Shackles are a proven way to fit shade sails. The body of the shackle is fitted over the ring of the shade sail and the shackle pin is fitted into the eyebolt or turnbuckle.

Our D-Shackles are all made from high quality AISI 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel. A  D-Shackle has two main paths, the body and the pin. The body has an U-shape with a screw-in pin.

Match the loading of your Shackle with the loading of your chain, turnbuckle and/or eyebolt. In a situation where you are using a Hook-eye turnbuckle with the D-shackle through the eyebolt, it is important that the D-Shackles’ BL exceed that of the Turnbuckle. A good tip is to tie a galvanised wire around the shackle pin to ensure that it doesn't work loose over time. 


D Shackles

There are many different styles of shackles to get the job done. D-shackles are perhaps the most common but you may like to consider other styles such as;

  • Extended D-Shackles which are suitable for direct mid-point attachments
  • Bow Shackles which give a very pleasing finish
  • Twist Shackles which are suitable when the eyebolt is vertical and the shade sail ring is horizontal.  
  • Spring Hooks are suitable to smaller shade sail fittings where the shade sail may need to be removed frequently.  

D-Shackle Holding Shadesail corner

Shade sail fitted to an Eyebolt using a D-Shackle

A typical shade sail corner with a D shackle fitted through the ring on the shade sail and onto the eyebolt. This is called a direct attach method. 

An installation such as this would most commonly have turnbuckles on the other corners in order to tension the shade sail. Direct attaching shade sails to eyebolts has the advantage of keeping the sail as close as possible to the fixing point therefore maxamising coverage. 

Shade sails however need to be tensioned and not all corners can be directly attached such as in this example.


D-Shackles are a proven way to attach your shade sail to the eyebolt and are ideal for use with Hook-Eye Turnbuckles.For additional information or to discuss your project please call us during normal business hours on Free-call 1800 155 233.

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