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Italian Piazza Heavy Duty - Acrylic Canopy

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These architectural wind rated commercial umbrellas are suitable for both commercial and domestic applications. Each umbrella is made-to-order with a 100% Outdoor Acrylic Canvas Canopy and promises to look great and provide years of reliable service.

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From : $4,145.00


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Acrylic italian Piazza Umbrella

Inspired by the stylish Piazzas or public squares of Italy, these hand crafted commercial quality umbrellas have literally become an Australian Icon.  You’ll find them right across Australia and around the world (even in Italy).  Each umbrella is made-to-order allowing you to select the perfect combination of size, colour, shape and mounting option. Italian Piazza commercial umbrellas are an investment which will look great and provide many years of reliable service. 

Proudly 100% Australian made


NOTE:  The difference between the Italian Piazza Commercial and Italian Piazza Heavy Duty is that the commercial model has a PVC canopy whilst the Heavy Duty model has an Acrylic Canvas Canopy.   Both options are suitable for a commercial or domestic installations. Read below to compare the two. 


Shapes & Sizes

3.0m x 3.0m 9.0 sq.m 3.5m 8.73 sq.m
3.6m x 3.6m 12.96 sq.m 4.0m 11.25 sq.m
4.0m x 4.0m 16.0 sq.m 4.5m 14.4 sq.m
4.5m x 4.5m 20.25 sq.m 5.0m 17.15 sq.m
 4.8m x 4.8m 23.04 sq.m  5.5m 21.45 sq.m


“We’re creating the most iconic swimming pool in Australia and we want to use your umbrellas to showcase it.”
-       General Manager, Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort



This umbrella range has been manufactured in the same Australian factory for nearly four decades.  Over this time the design has remained virtually unchanged which is testament to the enduring strength and ease of operation of this magnificent umbrella.  It’s superior design and construction combine to create a commercial umbrella able to withstand the rigors of the most demanding conditions. 

Features include;  

  • Internal Rack and pinion gear box for easy opening and closing
  • 82.5 x 5mm Structural Aluminium mast
  • 100% outdoor acrylic or commercial quality PVC canopies
  • Canopies suitable for screen-printing
  • Heavy duty reinforced arm extrusions for extra strength
  • Suitable for bolt down or inground installation with custom base options available
  • Multiple canopy options including valance or straight edge
  • All fittings stainless steel


Italian Piazza Heavy Duty Umbrellas also have the option of a valance.  This is a strip of fabric sewn around the perimeter of the umbrella.  Valances are popular in commercial settings where customers like to screen-print the name of their restaurant of café onto the valance. 

Valances can have a straight edge or a scalloped edge.

Another feature is to contrast the colour of the Valance binding.  If your canopy and valance are red for example, a black binding or edging can really give a great effect.  Call us to discuss colour combinations. 


Lead Time

Each umbrella is made to your exact specifications so you should anticipate a lead-time from placement of order to delivery of around 4 weeks depending on the time of year.  Note:  It is less in winter and can be longer in summer.


Wind Rating 

Each umbrella in the range has an engineer certified wind rating in excess of 100km/h when opened.  The engineer certificate is provided under the Brochures tab.  It is important to read and understand this wind rating correctly.  For further information, please contact us.  


Fabric Canopies & Colours 

Italian Piazza Umbrellas are made with two different canopy fabrics;

  • BRO Soltis Proof® PVC (called the “Commercial Range”) and
  • Bradmill® Acrylic.  (some colours may be manufactured from a different brand name but quality is equivalent). 

What’s best for me? Typically, the PVC option is often popular with restaurants and cafes where meals are being served all day or when a White canopy is required. Schools, Aged Care centres, community centres, resorts and domestic customers usually select the Heavy Duty outdoor acrylic canvas because it is colour fast, hard wearing and performs slightly better in very high winds. Acrylic is highly water resistant.

Italian Piazza Heavy duty are available in a wide range of fade proof colours. 

Can’t decide on a colour online?  No problem, just give us a call and we’ll post you out a fabric sample booklet in the mail so you can see the exact colour. We can also do multi coloured canopies.

Cafe & Courtyard Acrylic Colour Burgundy Cafe & Courtyard Acrylic Colour Cherry Red Cafe & Courtyard Acrylic Colour Coke Red Cafe & Courtyard Acrylic Colour Terracotta Cafe & Courtyard Acrylic Colour Yellow
Burgundy Cherry Red Coke Red Terracotta Yellow


Cafe & Courtyard Acrylic Colour Emerald Cafe & Courtyard Acrylic Colour Forest Cafe & Courtyard Acrylic Colour Neptune Cafe & Courtyard Acrylic Colour Navy Cafe & Courtyard Acrylic Colour Black
Emerald Forest Neptune Navy Black

Cafe & Courtyard Acrylic Colour Charcoal Cafe & Courtyard Acrylic Colour Grey Cafe & Courtyard Acrylic Colour White Cafe & Courtyard Acrylic Colour Calico Cafe & Courtyard Acrylic Colour Beige
Charcoal Grey White Calico Beige


Yes, we can screenprint your new Italian Piazza Heavy Duty Umbrella.

Send through your artwork and we’ll provide you with a written quotation.


Frame Colour 

Italian Piazza Heavy Duty Umbrellas are made to order allowing you to select the colour which best suits your décor.  Choose from our standard powdercoated colour range of click on the Expanded range for even more colour options.

Cafe & Courtyard Frame Colour White Cafe & Courtyard Frame Colour White Birch Cafe & Courtyard Frame Colour Primrose Cafe & Courtyard Frame Colour Stone Biege Cafe & Courtyard Acrylic Colour Silver
White White Birch Primrose Stone Beige Silver

Cafe & Courtyard Frame Colour Claret Cafe & Courtyard Frame Colour Navy Cafe & Courtyard Frame Colour Dark Green Cafe & Courtyard Frame Colour Charcoal Cafe & Courtyard Acrylic Colour Black
Claret Navy Dark Green Charcoal Black



Italian Piazza Heavy Duty require either a bolt down or in-ground installation.  They are not suitable for use with a mobile or relocatable base.

Installation is relatively straight forward.  If you are planning an inground base (i.e. into grass, pavers or soil, have us send the inground base to you ahead of time, that way you have plenty of time to get the base set whilst the umbrella is being manufactured.  When the umbrella arrives the base will be set and you can stand the umbrella.

  • Bolt down Baseplate:  Ideal where the umbrella is being installed on a more permanent setting or where it is particularly breezy.  You will need a suitably strong concrete slab to bolt to at least 100mm thick and reinforced. For baseplate details including hole centres go to the Brochures Tab.
  • Inground Base:  It is possible with this style of installation for us to send the inground socket out ahead of time allowing you/your handyperson to concrete it in and let the concrete set.  When the umbrella arrives, the base is secure and you can stand the umbrella. It is possible to order an extended base - call us to discuss.

NOTE:  If you need assistance with installation we have installers in most capital cities who can assist you – just give us a call.


Recommended Accessories

Option up your Italian Piazza Heavy Duty Umbrella with a wide range of Accessories including: 

  • Clear PVC or Shade side curtains
  • Umbrella gutters to link multiple umbrellas


Final Comments

If you are looking for a high quality commercial umbrella which looks amazing, requires minimum maintenance and is suitable for windy areas then this umbrella is an investment worth making.  These umbrellas have proven themselves in thousands of locations from schools and resorts to family homes and restaurants.  They are literally an investment in your comfort and style promising to look great and last for many years into the future. 

Of course we understand that you may have more questions and we’d love to answer them!  Just give us a call on Free-call 1800 155 233 and one of our friendly staff will be happy do their best to provide you with all the information you require.  

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Really Heavy Duty Umbrella Review by Pia
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A beautiful umbrella that really stands up against the wind, sun, and rain. (Posted on 7/20/2018)

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Product Information
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Shelta Savannah Umbrella Delivery

Delivery needs to be coordinated so that someone is on site and available to receive your umbrella when it arrives.

We deliver this umbrella Australia Wide.

A typical Italian Piazza Umbrella is 3.8 metres long and weights over 65kg.  This means that it will require more than one person to lift it from the truck when it arrives. That’s why we need to co-ordinate with you a time that you are available to take delivery. Once we dispatch your umbrella, we email you the Consignment Number.  This allows you to log onto the courier’s website (e.g. TNT) and track your delivery so you know when it is going to be delivered. We do our best to ensure your umbrella is packaged securely and arrives safely.

The cost of delivery reflects the actual cost of preparing the item for shipment and the courier charges.  Shipping for us is a service associated with getting your goods to you safely and smoothly.  We do not charge any profit margin on shipping.

What happens if my umbrella arrives in a damaged condition?

If your umbrella arrives and you notice that it has been damaged in transit, you should refuse to accept delivery.  This will mean that the transport company is responsible for getting it back to the factory where it can be repaired, repackaged and returned to you. You should immediately call us and advise us of the situation.  If possible take photographs of the damage.

Shelta Savannah Umbrella FAQ

Are these umbrellas waterproof?

They are highly water resistant. They are made with a100% outdoor acrylic canvas. This is a very hard wearing outdoor fabric designed specifically for applications such as this. For the purposes of entertaining, poolside or any situations other than restaurants plating meals in all day when it is raining the acrylic is suitable. 


Can I use this umbrella in windy conditions?

Yes.  These umbrellas have an engineered wind rating and can withstand strong winds.  The wind rating is W33 which means they have been certified safe in high winds and have a safe break down rating in winds of around 100km/h.


How do I install this umbrella?

Each umbrella arrives fully assembled ready for installation. We recommend engaging a suitably qualified tradesperson or handyman to install the footings for this umbrella. When standing the umbrella, we recommend at least 3 people. The umbrella should not be installed in breezy conditions. 


What’s the best price if I buy a quantity of these umbrellas?

Shade Australia has an across the board Price Meet/Price Beat Guarantee™. Find the same item at a better price – send us the quotation and we will do our best to beat it! That’s our Price Meet Price Beat Guarantee. 

Our online pricing is for single and smaller quantities.  If you are wishing to purchase a larger quantity of these umbrellas, please call us and we will work out the best price for you.


What’s the lead time?           

3-4 Weeks depending on the time of the year (Longer in summer shorter in winter).


Can this umbrella go through a table?

These umbrellas have a 'telescopic' opening feature which means as the umbrella closes the arms raise giving it a high closing height.  Having said that, due to the size of the pole diameter you need a hole in your table of some 87cm. In addition it is a tricky job lifting the umbrella up and through the hole in the table.  Typically, tables are installed around this umbrella as opposed to the umbrella being installed through the table.    


How heavy is this umbrella?

55-80kgs depending on the it’s shape and size.  (Yes it’s heavy!)


Can I print my logo on this umbrella?

Yes, your Italian Piazza Heavy Duty can be screen-printed.  Email your logo for a quote.


What is the cost of printing an umbrella?

It really depends on the size of your logo and how many colours are in the artwork.  Send through your logo and we’ll work on the best way to go about it and the best price.



Can I leave this umbrella up all the time?

These umbrellas are designed to be left up on a permanent basis.  Unless you have had a severe weather warning the umbrella should be left up.  If the umbrella has to be collapsed ensure you secure it with the strap provided.


What accessories do you recommend I purchase with this umbrella? 

  • Side curtains – clear or shade
  • Umbrella gutters to link multiple umbrellas


Do I require Council Approval to install this umbrella? 

Commercial installations will vary from site to site. In a domestic installation you should not require Council Approval as the umbrellas are classified as garden furniture.


2 Year Warranty

    The Italian Piazza come with a  2 Years manufactuers warranty on the frame and on the Fabric.


Shade Australia is proud to extend on behalf of the manufacturer a full 2 Year Frame and Fabric Warranty on this umbrella. Warranty covers the umbrella for use in normal conditions.  The warranty does not cover damage caused by excessive or extreme wind events, misuse or modification. 

Sunranger Cafe Series Umbrella in the box

These umbrellas arrive in a large triple wrapped layer of heavy duty plastic and cardboard.  Always remember when you begin to unpack the umbrella that extreme care should be taken because the fabric layer of them umbrella is directly under the packaging so take extreme care when using a knife to cut open the packaging.