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Shade Australia has been in the Shade sail business for almost 20 years. Over that time, we’ve refined the way we manufacture shade sails and believe that our Frontier™ Shade cloth sails are the best money can buy. Our job is to supply the DIY Market with a professional quality shade sails at DIY prices. We don’t sell cheap shade sails that fall apart in the first year.

We offer two options for shade sails.
Firstly our custom-made shade sails. We call these the Frontier™ Brand and we believe they are the best quality shade sails available. We’ve done everything to make them look amazing, last for years and super-easy for the DIY handy person to install.
Our Standard Size shade sails (Sundance™ Brand and ShadeTex™ Brand) are also a good way to go provided that you install the attachment points in exactly the right locations.

All our shade cloth shade-sails are made from commercial grade shade cloth. We don’t manufacture waterproof shade sails for the DIY market because there is just too much that can go wrong. We use the best quality fabrics including Synthesis C95 and Rainbow Z16 shade cloth. One secret to a quality shade sail is the thread. We use the highest quality PTFE sewing thread which ensures the longevity of the overall product. Sure it costs a bit more but experience tells us, it's definitely worth it.

We've also written a book called DIY SHADE, Shade Sails Made Easy. Anyone who is thinking about installing their own shade sail should pick-up a copy of this book (eBook or Hardcopy). It will help them avoid all the common mistakes as well as give great design and installation tips. If you go ahead and purchase a Shade sail from us with 6 Months of buying the book, we will give you a Full Refund on the book + a generous discount off the price of your sail.

Whatever your requirements are for a new shade sail we will do our best to assist you. Give us a call on Freecall 1800 155 233 and talk to us about your plans. We’ll be happy to help.


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