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Sunranger Granite Base

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Sunranger Granite Umbrella base-plates are our top of the line polished granite bases. Packed with features that make them very stable and very strong these umbrella base-plates will enhance any market umbrella and last a lifetime. 

3 types available

  • 35kg to suit poles 38-51mm in diameter
  • 55kg to suit poles 38-51mm in diameter
  • 55kg to suit poles 58-65mm in diamater
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Granite umbrella baseplates add style and elegance to any umbrella. The polished natural stone will last a lifetime and never go out of fashion. 

Sunranger Granite Umbrella baseplates are our new premium quality granite baseplate line. Cut from a single slab of granite and polished to a high shine, this beautiful slab of natural stone will enhance the look of any market umbrella as well as keep your umbrella stable in breezy conditions.


Sunranger umbrella baseplates are our top of the line granite baseplate. They have many innovative features not found on other granite bases:

  • Stainless steel spigots, screws, and tension sleeve
  • Stainless steel handles inlaid into the granite to allow 2 people to carry the umbrella base 
  • The material is granite stone with grey aggregate. It is highly polished and smooth. 
  • Double spigot bolts make the spigot much more stable than traditional base-plates
  • Beveled edges for added elegance 


Currently, we offer the Sunranger Granite base in three options: 


  • Size:50cm square x 5cm thick
  • Accepts: 38-51mm Diameter poles


  • Size 60cm square x 5cm thick
  • Accepts 38-51mm diamater poles


  • Size 60cm square x 5cm thick
  • Accepts 58-65mm diamater poles



Key Fact:  A key factor in our design of these baseplates was the packaging. Typically it is hard for us to deliver granite bases to customers because they can get chipped or damaged in transit. With these base plates, we've packaged them within a timber frame inside the cardboard box.

Granite Baseplate in Timber Packaging Crate


These baseplates are very high-quality bases. Some other granite base plates cut costs by using chrome plated fittings which over time will rust. Sunranger Baseplates have all stainless steel fittings which will look great and last a lifetime.

If you have any questions or need more information, just send us an email here or give us a call on Freecall 1800 155 233.

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