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Classic steel 16kg umbrella baseplates are a cost effective way to secure your umbrella. Suitable for umbrellas with poles from 38mm-48mm. Adjustable feet and side screws.

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This umbrella baseplate is our budget priced model suitable for a wide range of commercial and domestic umbrella installations.  The baseplate has adjustable sleeves at the top of the spigot allowing it to accommodate a range of umbrella pole sizes. Be aware that these baseplates may not be heavy or stable enough to support a market umbrella in breezy conditions.

PLEASE NOTE: These base-plates are steel with a powder-coat finish. They have no other treatment for rust prevention. Steel does rust, particularly if the powder coat is scratched or they are used near the ocean. We recommend that to prolong the life of this base you treat it with a rust prevention paint. Because they are powder coated steel we can not warrant these base-plates against rust. If you need a rust-resistant base we recommend a Granite Base or a Sunranger Excaliber Base. 


  • Central 16mm dia. Spigot bolt
  • Flat steel plate
  • Heavy duty adjustable stainless steel feet
  • Heavy duty adjustable side screw
  • Available in cream - For Black Baseplates checkout the 20kg base
  • Multiple spigot adapters to accommodate various umbrella pole sizes
  • Suitable for use with Brolly Trolley™
  • Our Favourite FeatureThe Price.


Recently we’ve upgraded this baseplate with a 16mm central bolt to join the spigot to the base. This replaces the 12mm central bolt which was previously used (and is still used on most other baseplates of this kind).

  • Measure 56cm x 56cm square
  • Weight approx. 16kg’s
  • Are made of 6mm steel plate 


We recommend that when you purchase movable baseplates for your umbrella that you consider purchasing a Brolly Trolley™.  This makes it safe and easy to move your umbrella and base around without any heavy lifting. 

Option up your Classic Steel baseplate with a range of accessories including:

  • Sunranger Café Series Umbrellas
  • Rust prevention spray such as deodorized fish oil
  • Vinyl Weight bags

If you are using this umbrella baseplate to secure umbrellas in breezy conditions we strongly recommend that you add additional weight to it with the use of use with vinyl weight bags.  Vinyl weight bags will add additional weight and increase this baseplates’ stability.


A well made flat steel umbrella baseplate at a good price. 

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How heavy are these baseplates?

The Classic Steel Baseplate is approximately 16kg’s. We recommend adding additional weight with vinyl weight bags when using it in breezy conditions.

Will they fit my market umbrella?

The classic steel base accept's umbrella poles with diameters of 38mm-48mm.

Are they suitable for home use?


Are they suitable for commercial use?

We would recommend using a heavier baseplate for commercial use such as the Sunranger Excalibur baseplate.

Where can I buy them from?

Sunranger umbrella baseplates are available exclusively from Shade Australia.

Do I need to assemble them?

Yes, they ship flat packed. Once you receive your new Sunranger it should take you no more than 5 minutes to assemble it.

Is this umbrella baseplate treated for rust protection.

This baseplate is powdercoated steel. Powdercoating does offer some level of protection against rust but it is important that the protection layer remain intact. Scratches can allow moisture to contact the steel whereupon rusting may occur.

What is the warranty of these Baseplates?

12 Months on manufacturing faults. Does not include rust.

The Classic Steel Base has a limited 12 month warranty. Warranty covers the baseplate for workmanship and use under normal conditions.  The warranty does not cover damage caused by wind, or misuse. If the baseplate is used in a location near the ocean it should be treated regularly (at least once every 3 months with a rust inhibitor such as deodorized fish oil. Unless this is done, warranty claims may not be valid). The warranty of this baseplate does not cover rust.