Geo Fabric

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Geo Fabric is used for soil drainage, erosion control, soil layer separation, and other landscaping applications.

  • Heavy Duty Material
  • Industrial & Landscaping Applications
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Geo Fabric

Geo Fabric is a permeable fabric which, when used in association with soil, has the ability to separate, filter, reinforce, protect or drain. 

It is constructed of needle punched Polyester short filaments. These filaments form a stable matrix exhibiting excellent strength and hydraulic characteristics. This product is suitable for numerous situations where an economical solution is required for filtration or soil stabilisation in domestic landscaping applications.


  • Simple to use
  • Helps disburse excess rainwater in landscaping and around drainage pipes
  • Helps to stop erosion and retain soil
  • Allows water to pass through
  • Handy roll sizes available
  • 120gsm


  • 1x7m
  • 2x7m
  • 1x15m
  • 2x15m
  • 1x50m
  • 2x50m

Please Note: Not all sizes are in stock at all times. Bulk orders welcome (lead-times may apply)


Geo Fabric comes in a dark grey colour.


Geo Fabric is easy to use, simply roll it out and pin it into place with weed mat staples.


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Is Geo Fabric UV Stabilised?

Geo Fabric is ordinarily used to assist with soil drainage, filtration, separation and reinforcement and as such is usually installed below ground.  It is not a UV stabilised fabric and should be covered for longevity.

Is Geo Fabric suitable for domestic use?

Geo Fabric is suitable for commercial or domestic use. This is why it is available in side a wide range of handy sizes for jobs such as building a retaining wall to create more space in your yard or simply to wrap a drainage pipe to create a filtration layer to prevent blockages.

Does it need to be pinned into place with Weed Mat Staples?

It is advisable but certainly not necessary in every installation to pin the Geo Fabric down.

1 Year Warranty for external usage. Warranty is Pro rata.