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Professional Shade Industry shackles
316 Stainless Steel
Suitable for Mid-point and corner Shade sail connections 

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Stainless steel Twist Shackles are a practical way to fit shade sails when the attachment point is vertically oriented. Using a twist shackle keeps the shade sail in its flat plane. The body of the shackle is fitted over the ring of the shade sail and the shackle pin is fitted into the eyebolt or turnbuckle. 

Our Twist-Shackles are all made from high quality AISI 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel. A Twist Shackle has two main paths, the body and the pin. The body has a twisted U-shape with a screw-in pin.

Match the loading of your Shackle with the loading of your chain, turnbuckle and/or eyebolt. In a situation where you are using a Hook-eye turnbuckle with the twist-shackle through the eyebolt, it is important that the shackles’ BL exceed that of the Turnbuckle. A good tip is to tie a galvanised wire around the shackle pin to ensure that it doesn't work loose over time.


We stock 10mm – standard length twist shackles. If you require a different size or an extended twist shackle for your project, just let us know and we’re happy to order whatever you need in. 

 Twist Shackle Tech Spec

 Size  D A  L1 L2 Breaking Load
 10 10 20 46 69  4600 



Twist shackles are used by professionals in the shade industry to ensure a flat fitting shade sail. For additional information or to discuss your project please call us during normal business hours on Free-call 1800 155 233.

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