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Waterproof shade cloth is made using 90% grade of shade cloth which has been treated with a resin coating on one side to create a waterproof membrane. Available in one size only - 1.83 x 30m.

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Waterproof shade cloth has many uses around the home. It is a 90% grade shade fabric which has been treated with a UV stabilised resin to form a waterproof barrier. It can be used to create a waterproof layer in many situations including pergolas, vertical blinds and outdoor areas.

Waterproof shadecloth is available in our heavy 90% grade shade. Unlike normal shadecloth, the waterproof layer creates a barrier to rain preventing it from penetrating and keeping everything dry underneath.  


Waterproof Shade cloth comes in rolls of 1.83m wide x 30m long.


  • Our favourite feature: Gives normal shade cloth a whole new dimension by making it waterproof
  • Domestic 90% waterproof shade cloth in an extra heavy duty grade for rain protection
  • 1.83 x 30m
  • 200 GSM weight (Grams per square metre) shade cloth substrate
  • It is currently only available in our Extra Heavy grade of 90%.


Waterproof shade cloth is made by pouring a layer of UV stabilised resin onto 90% shade cloth. Shade cloth is made with advanced polymers, typically polyethylene. It is very hard wearing and a quality shade cloth will have been treated for UV resistance. 


Waterproof shade cloth is available in 2 colours;

  • Dark Green
  • Sandstone


Waterproof shade cloth has many uses around the home and in commercial situations. It is a 90% grade shade fabric which has been treated with a UV stabilised resin to form a waterproof barrier. It can be used to create a waterproof layer in many situations including pergolas, vertical blinds and outdoor areas. 

Shadecloth is designed to reduce the temperature underneath and is a knitted fabric. Waterproof shadecloth is the same fabric but it has a resin coating on one side which makes it waterproof.  If the fabric becomes stretched, for example if water pools, the fabric will stretch and the plastic resin coating will tear.  Accordingly, Waterproof Shade Cloth must NOT be used in any horizontal application as it will pond and the weight of the water could cause damage.  It may only be used where a slope is at least 20º and must be tensioned sufficiently to prevent holding water. Waterproof Domestic Plus is not designed for tension applications such as shade sails or for blocking strong winds.

**Always fix with waterproof shade cloth with the resin side facing down.**


  • Nail plates
  • Outdoor Silicone application to cover any holes made during installation. 


Waterproof shade cloth is a cost-effective waterproof barrier which also provides 90% shade. It is suitable for a wide range of applications 

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What is waterproof shade cloth?

Waterproof shade cloth is simply a normal domestic grade 90% mono-tape shade cloth that has been treated with a UV stabilised resin coating to create a waterproof layer. 

How is domestic shade cloth different from commercial shade cloth?

Domestic shade cloth is made with a tape filler to increase its opacity. This tape filler is knitted into the fabric between the strands of monofilament. Think of monofilament as being like fishing line. When it is knitted together it forms a fabric, in this case, shade cloth.

The difference between domestic and commercial shade cloth is that commercial shade cloth is 100% monofilament (knitted fishing line). It has no tape filler. This makes commercial shade cloth very strong and suitable for use under tension. Domestic shade cloth is not suitable for high tension applications such as shade sails because the tape filler stretches at a different rate to the monofilament. Domestic shade cloth is designed to be spread over a frame work, like a pergola, not tensioned out like a shade sail.

If I cut it, will it come unravelled?

No. The shade cloth we supply is knitted not woven. Knitted shade cloth is knitted on special lock-stich machines. If you cut the shade cloth you will get a raw edge but it will not fray or unravel.

How do I install it?

Refer to the Technical Details document under the Brochures page. Note: waterproof shade cloth must be installed with a fall otherwise it can catch water and pool causing the fabric to stretch and tear the resin coating. The plastic or resin coating should be installed facing downwards. If you puncture the fabric during installation, it will leak. To rectify this, we recommend coating the punctured area with an outdoor UV stabilised Silicone product. 

How long will it last?

It’s warranted for 2 Years.

What colours does it come in?

Green and Sandstone

Can I join it?

In order to join the fabric you must first overlap the fabric by the width of the fixture beneath it. It is recommended that a baton is placed along the top of the overlapping fabric before fastening. Then, using a screw or nail etc secure the baton, sandwiching the two layers of fabric to the fixture below. This is the most effective way to join the Waterproof Shadecloth with minimal pucturing of the fabric. Fastening products such as gang nails can also be used, however, the chance of water leaking through the puncture is higher. Any fastening that punctures the fabric will inevitably increase the risk of leakage. Please note that ideal fastening systems will vary from situation to situation.

How long until you can ship me a roll?

We hold stock and can ship it out the same or next day depending on what time you place your order.

Can I pick it up?

Of course. We always recommend calling ahead so that we can have your order picked and ready for collection.

I’m not in Sydney, how do I get it?

No problem. We ship Australia wide. 

2 Year warranty

Waterproof Shade cloth has a 2 Year UV warranty against UV degradation. Please note: The fabric must be applied with the plastic coating facing down with the shade cloth side exposed to the elements or warranty is voided