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Finally, a Shade Cloth Cutter which actually works! This handy fabric cutter is easy and safe to use. The blade is easily replacable so it will last you for years.

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This great little gadget makes cutting shadecloth quick, easy and safe! A versatile shade cloth cutter designed for cutting shade cloth into desired lengths, or trimming the shade cloth after installation.

Lay the shade cloth out flat on the ground before cutting. It is a good idea to draw a chalk line onto the shade cloth so that you can cut straight. Knitted shade cloth is manufactured with a lock stitch. Once cut, it will not unravel. You will be left with a raw edge but the stitching will remain intact.  


Total Length: 100mm
Total Height: 55mm


The fabric should be held taught whilst cutting. After time the blade can become dull but it's a very easy job to replace it using a standard sized razor blade. Simply push up the release button on the back and use a screw driver to remove the blade. Either rotate it so a new edge is toward the cutting face or replace it with a new one.


This is very handy tool to have when you're working with shade cloth. It's also perfect for other fabric such as vinyl. Fast safe cutting makes your job easier. Of course you’re always welcome to call us during normal business hours on Free-call 1800 155 233.

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