Cable Ties UV Stabilised

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High Quality UV Stabilised Cable Ties for attaching shade cloth to fences and other applications where longevity is needed.

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If you need the job to last, don't use cheap cable ties made for indoor jobs, insist on high strength and high quality UV Stabilised Cable Ties.

In addition to normal electrical uses, Cable Ties or Zip Ties can be used to fix shadecloth to cables, wire, fences, piped frames etc. Not only are Cable Ties great for installing shade cloth they are also suitable for any other application where organising and securing, supporting, locking, repairing, and decorating are needed.


Available in packs of 100 in two sizes including:

  • 140mm x 3.6mm
  • 200mm x 4.8mm


  • UV Stabilised
  • Packs of 100
  • Easy to apply and fasten by hand
  • Smooth round edges
  • Great for outdoor use


Black only


Bunch the fabric around the support cable, mesh or post then push the Cable Tie through one side of the fabric and then the other. Secure by inserting the pointed end into the ratchet assembly and pulling tightly. Note that cable Ties are not re-useable.


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