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Shade Sail Mounting Plates

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Spread the load of your shade-sail when you mount it with a wall plate. Four bolts mount your wall plate to any suitable structure. Great for shade sails and other uses.

  • Galvanised or Stainless Steel
  • Easy installation


Hardware, Mounting Brackets, Shade Sail Accessories

These Wall plates play an important role when attaching a shade sail to a suitably strong brick or concrete wall. Their larger size is designed to spread the load over a greater area rather than simply fitting a single eyebolt. Typically they are fitted using masonry anchors – See Hilti HUD-1 & Hilti HRD-HF anchors.

Select either the hot dipped galvanised plate or for that extra wow factor, choose the 316 Stainless Steel Wallplates.


Wall plates are 150mm square.

No advice as to the suitability of an existing structure can be given. It is the Purchasers’ responsibility to determine whether any existing structure is suitable for attaching to. We recommend seeking independent engineering advice before carrying out any installation.  

Shadesail Wall Plates

Our wall plates are 150mm x 150mm square and are suitable
for supporting small to medium sized shade sails. They are
available in both Stainless steel and Galvanised Steel. If
you're wanting to get the WOW factor with your shade sail
installation then the 316 Grade stainless steel is guaranteed
to give a great finish. Stainless steel wall plates match perfectly
with stainless steel turnbuckles and shackles.  

Note: The lug on these wall plates is mounted Horizontally.
This is the most widely used configuration however we can
supply wall-plates with diagonally welded lugs upon request.


It depends what type of wall or mounting point you are intending to attach to. At Shade Australia, we use and recommend the Hilti Range of Anchors. 

Hilti HUD-1 Universal Anchors are suitable for mounting to;

  • Concrete
  • Solid brick
  • Hollow brick 

Hilit HSA-F galvanised expansion anchors are suitable for mounting to;

  • Uncracked concrete  
Hilti HUD Anchor Hilti HUD Anchor

Hilti HUD Anchors are a multi-purpose medium strength anchor. As the bolt tightens the plastic distorts making them suitable for core and hollow bricks. 

Hilti HSA-F Anchors Hilti HSA-F Anchors
Hilti HSA-F Anchors are galvanised for long life and are a very strong expansion anchor for use in concrete. 

Please note: Shade sails create strong lateral or pulling forces, especially when installed in windy locations. It is very important that a building professional assess the suitability of any wall or existing structure before attaching something to it such as a shade sail. Brick walls are made for weight bearing and may not be suitable for lateral loading such as the force created by a shade sail. Shade Australia supplies wall plates and other fixtures on the assumption that the user has made an informed assessment or otherwise sought professional advice as to their safety and suitability. 


Larger wall plates are available as special orders. For additional information or to discuss your project please call us during normal business hours on Free-call 1800 155 233

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