Centre Post Umbrella Protection Cover

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Easy reach Protection Covers use a clever inbuilt rod to make it easy to slip the cover over even the tallest umbrellas. Extend the life of your umbrella with one of these high quality, must have protection covers.

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Easireach Protection Covers are available in O'bravia canvas. These feature a rod sewn beside the zipper allowing you to lift the top of the cover over tall umbrellas without the need for a ladder. 

The protection covers shown on this page are for centre post umbrellas, that is, umbrellas with the pole in the middle. If your umbrella has a pole on the side, that is, if it is a cantilever umbrella then you should look here


  • Made of high quality hard wearing O'Bravia fabric
  • Includes stick/rod to reach the top of tall umbrellas
  • Suitable for umbrellas with the pole in the centre
  • Increases the life of your umbrella
  • 4 sizes available


Deluxe Range

Use the following chart to choose the right size protection cover for your umbrella. 

Size Width at Bottom Total Length Suited For (but not limited to):
Small 47 cm 163 cm Amalfi, Como, Coolum 300cm, Fairlight 270cm, Harbord 250cm Hex, Lotus, Lumina 270cm Oct, Padua, Rio, Sorrento
Medium 61 cm 190 cm Coolum 220cm Sq, Fairlight 330cm, Fairview, Hardbord 220cm Sq, Lumina Rec, Palermo, Portofino, San Martino, Hurricane 210cm Sq & 300cm Oct, Bambrella Lavante 210cm Sq & 300cm Oct, Fibresun, Sunranger Cafe Series 210cm Sq, Sunranger Cafe Series 300cm Oct
Large 65 cm 221 cm Seville, Verona, Hurricane 350cm Oct, Hurricane 400cm Oct, Hurricane 260 Sq, Bambrella Lavante 400cm Oct, Bambrella Lavante260 Sq, Sunranger Premium Timber 300cm Oct, Sunranger Premium Timber 350cm Oct, Sunranger Premium Timber 400cm Oct
Extra Large 66 cm 280 cm Samarkand, Vigo Elite, Sicily, Hurricane 300cm Sq, Hurricane 340cm Sq, Bambrella Lavante 300cm Sq, Bambrella Lavante 340cm Sq, Sunranger Premium Timber 300cm Sq, Sunranger Cafe Series 300cm Sq


Budget Polyester Cover 

Size Width at Bottom Total Length  Suited For (but not limited to):
Small 41 cm 181 cm  
Medium 48 cm 208 cm  
Large 58 cm 244 cm  
Extra Large 70 cm 286 cm  


Obravia Natural Protection Cover colour Obravia Platinum Protection Cover colour
Natural Platinum
(Limited stock)

Charcoal Ridge



O'Bravia fabric is a premium quality canvas made specifically for outdoor applications. It is manufactured using a special process which locks the colour deep into the fibres of the fabric to prevent fading. It is highly water-resistant and has an excellent UV protection of 98% or a UPF of 50. 


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How do I choose the right size?

Measure the length of the fabric part of your umbrella when it's closed. Use the table on this page to select the correct length. Also, check the width of your umbrella at the top and bottom.

What is the fabric made of?

These umbrella protection covers are made of a high-quality O'bravia canvas fabric.

Can I get a centre post umbrella protection cover in other colours?

These covers are available in platinum and natural O'bravia only.

What is the difference between the cantilever and centre post umbrella protection covers?

When a tilting cantilever umbrella is collapsed the canopy framework of the umbrella folds back against the upright post. Accordingly, the cantilever covers must be wide enough at the top to accommodate both the upright post and the umbrella canopy. Centre post umbrellas, on the other hand, are much narrower at the top.