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Hessian Cloth 1.8m x 50m

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Hessian is the coolest fabric around. It is very trendy for décor as well as for use in landscaping and screening. Coloured Hessian gives and amazing effect whereas Natural Hessian adds an old world charm with a modern twist. Ideal for screening, landscaping and decorating.

From : $145.00


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Hessian cloth, sometimes called "Burlap" is a natural woven fabric from the jute plant. Typically, it has been used in landscaping because it is 100% biodegradable but in recent times it has become very trendy for screening and decorating applications.  Coloured hessian is a relatively new innovation which has become very popular for a wide range of uses. 

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Roll Sizes

  • Natural Hessian is sold in Bolts (i.e. folded rolls).  These are 1.83m wide x 50m long and available in both 14oz and 18oz
  • Coloured Hessian is sold in rolls.  The rolls are 1.73cm wide x 50m long and available in 18oz only



Natural hessian is an organic beige colour.  18oz Coloured hessian is available in the following colours;   

  • Aqua
  • Blue
  • Black - Out of stock until early Dec 2016
  • Gold
  • Lime
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Oatmeal - Out of stock until Jan 2017
  • sorry - Purple has been discontinued


natural hessiancoloured hessian

“Hessian has made a comeback in recent years as a trendy fashionable fabric.”

-       Shade Team




Hessian for Weddings; We've noticed recently that Natural Hessian has become very popular for weddings. Here are some photos showing hessian cloth has been used to decorate wedding venues. We also stock Jute Webbing - call us today.

Hessian Serviettes

Hessian Wedding Decorations


Table Runners

Hessian Wedding Decorations


Hessian Wraps

Hessian Wrap


Table Decorations

Table Decorations


 Other applications:

  • Landscaping to prevent erosion
  • Wrapping tree roots
  • Weed control
  • Temporary fencing
  • Decorating walls
  • Throw rugs
  • Crafts and decorations
  • Covering pin-boards
  • Making sandbags
  • Sacks and bags
  • Covering concrete to prevent it setting too quickly
  • Smoker fuel for bee keepers
  • Padding on slings for animal rescue
  • Transportation sacks
  • Old fashioned apparel
  • Artists canvases
  • Ropes and nets



Hessian is a biodegradable natural cloth made from the jute plant.  It is hardwearing and eco-friendly but not UV stabilised. 

14oz Hessian18oz hessian
14 Oz Natural Hessian18oz Natural Hessian


Natural Hessian comes in two weights;

  • 14oz / 213gsm – light weight open weave
  • 18oz / 305gsm – heavy weight, tight weave
  • Coloured hessian comes in the 18oz/ 305gsm weight
  • Rolls weight between 19 and 28kg’s.  See Technical details under Tech Tab.


Hessian Specifications


14oz Natural

18oz Natural

18oz Coloured Hessian



Natural Colour

Natural Colour

Aqua, Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Lime, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow








14oz / 213gsm

18oz / 305gsm

18oz / 305gsm


Roll Weight

19kg’s approx.

28kg’s approx..

26kg’s approx.



In stock

In stock

Call for availability


County of Origin











12 months*

12 months*

12 months*










Please note:  That we only carry limited stock of coloured hessian. Please call us to check availability of some colours.


Final Comments

Hessian is a completely natural product with a wide range of uses. 

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What is hessian?

Hessian is a natural fabric made from the Jute plant or sisal fibres. It is widely used in ropes, sacking, nets and décor. The hessian we supply is manufactured in India.


How do I cut it?

With a sharp pair of scissors. Note, it is a woven fabric, not knitted and will fray.


How long will it last?

It all depends on the application but it is a hard wearing material known to withstand harsh conditions. Hessian is not a UV stabilised product and is not designed for long term outdoor uses such as screening for privacy.


Is it waterproof?



What colours does it come in?

14oz comes in Natural colour only.  18oz comes in Natural Colour, Aqua, Blue, Black, Gold, Lime, Orange, Pink or Yellow. Note, although we have images of Purple this colour has in fact now been discontinued.


How long until you can ship me a roll?

We hold stock of natural 14 and 18oz Hessian in Natural colour and can ship it out the same or next day depending on what time you place your order. We usually need to order our coloured hessian in which can take up to 2 weeks.


Can I pick it up?

Of course. We always recommend calling ahead so that we can have your order picked and ready for collection.

I’m in regional Australia, how do I get it?

No problem. We ship Australia wide. 

We guarantee the quality of this product to be free from defects and material faults. Due to the wide range of applications that customers use hessian for including ground cover and fencing, we do not extend a warranty on our hessian other than it will be free from defects when you recieve it. Hessian is not UV stabilised. 

We can deliver Hessian Australia Wide  


Once we dispatch your Hessian, we email you the Consignment Number.  This allows you to log onto the couriers website (e.g. TNT) and track your delivery so you know when it is going to be delivered.

We wrap your hessian in extra heavy duty industrial packaging to ensure it arrives undamaged and intact. 

The cost of delivery reflects the actual cost of preparing the item for shipment and the courier charges.  Shipping for us is a service associated with getting your goods to you safely and smoothly.  We do not charge any profit margin on shipping.



Your hessian only!