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Shade Australia Agents Needed

National and International Distributors Needed

Shade Australia Pty Limited is one of the oldest and most respected companies in the shade industry.  Established in the summer of 2000 the company has evolved into a profitable and diverse business.  The biggest change we've made over the last decade has been the design and development of a range of proprietary branded product lines in our key market segments.

We are now seeking to expand our business by teaming with like-minded business owners who are also looking to expand what they currently do by distributing new profitable, product lines.  Depending on the scale and resources of the business, agents may choose to carry one or multiple product lines. 

Key Points:

  • We will carefully screen any applicant to ensure that they meet our high standards of professionalism
  • We are asking for no up-front investment
  • Agents can choose to purchase product lines which they think will best meet their local markets
  • Agents can purchase stock by pallet or container - price breaks will apply accordingly
  • Shade Australia will supply comprehensive marketing materials 
  • All leads Shade Australia receives in your area will be forwarded directly onto you
Shade Australia Agents Needed


One of the areas we are most actively seeking an agent is Western Australia. Every day we dispatch goods to destinations including Perth, Port Hedland, and right around Western Australia.  The freight can be expensive and that's why we believe an agent in WA would benefit by holding stock and taking advantage of the strong demand for industrial fabrics, market umbrellas and branded marquees.  

Likewise, Tasmania, the freight to send single items from Sydney to Tasmania makes the price to the end user expensive.  Having an agent based in Tasmania, we believe, would tap into a strong market for our range of high quality products.  


Shade Australia Actively Seeking Agents


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There are five main Product Lines which are currently open for agents.  These are:

1. Sunranger™ Umbrellas

Branded Market Umbrellas ideal for companies who want to promote their brand in outdoor environments e.g. Cafes, Restaurants, Coffee Companies, Wineries etc.  Also under the Sunranger Brand are our Resort Umbrellas. These are a state of the art outdoor umbrella designed specifically for resorts and upmarket domestic clients. 

Sunranger Umbrellas

Sunranger Umbrellas are a proprietary branded umbrella which we have designed and now have manufactured for us overseas.  We have two distinct lines of umbrellas which are targeted at two different markets.  

The Sunranger Resort is our Flagship model available in two sizes, the 4.2 metre octagonal and the 3.0m square.  This umbrella range is very popular in resorts, upmarket restaurants and homes. 

The Sunranger Cafe Series umbrellas are the bread and butter umbrella range that continues to be a fast moving product line.  Ever popular in cafes, restaurants and resorts this line of umbrellas is typically printed with a logo or branding.  Shade Australia takes care of all the artwork and printing requirements. This umbrella range is a year round seller and not sold so much for shade as it is for branding purposes. 

 Sunranger Umbrellas Cafe


 Sunranger is a registered Trademark in Australia and the United States of America.


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2. Ironstone™ Industrial & Commercial Fabrics

A broad category of fabrics such as shade cloth, geo-fabrics and various grades of agricultural and industrial netting. This is an evergreen market for which strong demand continues.

Ironstone Shade cloth

Industrial Fabrics are a very broad category with continued opportunity for growth and diversification. Over the years Shade Australia has developed a solid relationship with a very experienced high quality supplier of industrial fabrics. The factory we deal with is ISO 9001 Quality Assured ensuring that the stock we buy always meets a standard that is suitable for Australian conditions. We brand all our industrial fabrics with the Ironstone logo and this brand has become increasingly recognised and sought throughout the industry for its consistently high quality.

Currently the main range of product we handle is PE knitted shade cloth with an extensive range from 30% grade through to 90%+ grade. The applications for this material range from domestic, commercial, industrial and even military. Other products which we also handle and can source as required include geofabrics, weedmat, hail net and bird netting.


Ironstone is a trademark of Shade Australia Pty Ltd


 3. QuickTop™ Deluxe

Folding Marquees or Pop-up Tents are purchased by a broad section of the community. Our QuickTop Pro range services the top end of the market where clubs and schools want a long lasting, high quality branded marquee. Our QuickTop Sports range is a mid-priced Gazebo suited to smaller clubs and associations. The QuickTop Deluxe is at the budget end of the market and very popular with people who operate weekend markets. Like all the products in the range they can be screen printed or fully dye-sublimation printed.

QuickTop Deluxe Gazebo


QuickTop Instant Marquees are a high demand product in a growth market. Shade Australia handles its own proprietary brand of pop-up tents called the QuickTop Range. This product line is in demand not just for the provision of shade and shelter but also for the branding opportunity that clubs and companies take advantage of.  Shade Australia makes it very easy for customers to submit their artwork and have it professionally prepared to show exactly how the finished item will look.  Customers have the option of full Dye-Sublimitation Printing or traditional screen printing.  All canopies within the range are interchangeable making it easy manage the print process as well as for the customer to be a repeat buyer from a different range.

The QuickTop Range is broken into three distinct lines, each with a different and specific customer base.  


QuickTop Market Gazebos

  1. QuickTop Pro Range: This is our top of the line range engineered specifically for customers who demand a very high quality, robust folding marquee which will stand the rigors of commercial use.  Typically customers for the Pro Range include, schools, Surf Life Saving Clubs, the Military, hire companies and high end corporate clients who require the most robust frame available.
  2. QuickTop Sports Range: This range is most popular with the more cost conscious end of the market as well as those who want a light, manageable structure such as sports clubs.  Whilst still maintaining the high quality and ability to brand, this range is considerably less expensive making it very affordable to a wide range of clients.  
  3. QuickTop Deluxe Range: This is the entry level marquee popular with weekend market holders and recreational users.  The QuickTop Deluxe still comes with the option of full printing making it the most affordable printed marquee available.  

QuickTop is a registered Trademark of Shade Australia Pty Ltd.

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4. Frontier Shade Sails

Shade Australia is also widely known for its high quality shade sails.  We use a fully computerised system to quote and design shade sails for DIY customers.  With a bit of training an agent could easily master this growth market for shade sails in schools, over pools and in a wide range of outdoor settings.

Frontier Custom size shade sails


Shade cloth sails continue to be a product in high demand. As the summers get hotter there is really no way that people can safely spend time outdoors without some form of shading and shade cloth sails are a popular, cost effective way of shading large areas. Frontier Shade Sails Shade Australias proprietary brand made to the very highest standards. Each shade sail is designed using 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) and cut using state of the art methodology. Shade Australia specialises in the DIY shade sail market. Our customers contact us with their measurements, we manufacture the sail and the customer fits it. We also offer advice on design and engineering but do not get involved with the actual installation. This allows us to service customers right across Australia as well as around the world.


As an agent we would give you detailed training and access to our customised computer design system to allow you to design and sell shade sails for your customers. All our sails are custom made. We use the highest quality shade cloth which offers 95%+ UV protection.

Frontier shadesails use stainless steel fittings and UV stabilised PTFE thread to ensure maximum life of the sail.
Like any of these product lines, an Agent can choose to handle just one or a mix of the entire range. Shade sails would be the most complicated product line we offer and would not suit everyone.  An agent who was interested in handling shade sails would need to have a degree of technical ability as well as excellent customer service.  We typically find that we develop strong working relationships with our shade sail customers during the period that they work with us to have their shade sail manufactured.  

 5. Willow Tree Rain Umbrellas & Parasols

We also handle one of Australias widest ranges of hand held umbrellas.  We market these through various niche sites including weddingumbrellas.com.au andparasolumbrellas.com.au After being in this market for some years now we have developed long standing relationships with factories which produce high quality product at competitive prices.

Willowtree Umbrellas
Many Agents may also wish to carry a select range of smaller Parasols and Umbrellas.  We carry a large stock of these umbrellas at any one time.  This is a high margin range of product that would suit an agent with limited storage areas.  Small minimum orders are required and we are constantly expanding our range of colours, sizes, designs and styles.






Shade Australia International Agents Needed


The provision of Shade & Shelter is one of the biggest growth markets around. Each year we continue to experience increased demand for our range of products.  Often this demand comes from international customers, the UAE, the USA and New Zealand.  Each year we ship product to these destinations but... freight is expensive.


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We believe having agents on the ground in these key regions would be beneficial to all concerned, the customers, the Agents themselves and of course Shade Australia itself.

The most cost effective way to benefit from demand which is local to your state or country is to purchase product through us, in container quantities, and have it delivered directly to you from our factories in China and Korea.  You would be buying product of guaranteed, proven quality and using our marketing intelligence and materials you would hit the ground running to sell quality product with great margins direct to your new customers.  

If you are interested to learn more about how this could work for you then we'd welcome hearing from you.  Contact us today via email or get on the phone and gives us a call.  

Our international number is +61 2 96055560.

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