Ballast Blocks 

Ballast blocks are used with cross-bar style bases usually associated with cantilever umbrellas. They are a popular option for domestic shade solutions because they are often cheaper than other bases and are easy to set up – simply line them up with the cross bar base! Ballast blocks are a long-lasting solution that are available in different styles to suit our range of customers- including resin, concrete, and granite. These ballast weight blocks are available in different weights and while they can be left in the same spot year after year, they are not a permanent solution which means that they can be removed or added as you please, and that the base and umbrella can be moved around if required. 

The number of ballast blocks required for your umbrella will depend on the shape, size, and weight of the umbrella as well as the weight of the ballast blocks. There should always be a minimum of 4 blocks in order for the crossbar to have a stabilised base. For a 25kg ballast block the following is suggested:

3m Cantilever Umbrella: 4-6 blocks.
3.3m – 3.5m Cantilever: 6-8 blocks.
3.8m – 4m Cantilever: 8 Blocks


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