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About Shade Australia


What does it take to build the best shade business in the country? Well, lots of sunshine is a good start but over and above that, it takes a dedicated team who believe in the vision, the products and, who are 110% committed to delivering the best and most professional customer service in the industry.  

As of May 2021 Shade Australia operates out of our new purpose designed western Sydney warehouse and holds a large amount of stock including an extensive range of shade cloth and industrial fabrics, the most extensive range of high-end umbrellas in Australia as well as popup tents and gazebos. We offer a highly professional service and dispatch our goods Australia wide.

Here we are here in our annual team photo - 2022

The business is still owned and operated by Andy McLeod who started it back in the summer of 2000. We have a very experienced team including our General Manager Nikki Mathews who runs the day to day operations and has over 15 years experience in the shade industry. We have a dedicated sales team who have excellent product knowledge and who are available to help with all matters related to shade and shelter. As a result you can feel confident when you call Shade Australia that you will get qualified advice from an experienced and competent team. 

We love talking to customers and you're welcome to call us any time during normal business hours on our Freecall 1800 155 233 number.  Our new showroom at our Western Sydney warehouse is open Monday-Friday and we welcome customers to call in and have a look at any of the umbrellas we stock. 

The product range we handle is very carefully selected for quality and value for money. You can be sure that if it's on our website, a great deal of time and care has gone into meeting the manufacturers, be they in Shanghai or Brisbane, understanding how the product works and how it will ultimately perform when it ends up in your home or business.

We work very hard at delivering our products Australia-wide at the lowest cost. Every item we ship is double-checked and carefully packaged so that it arrives to you safe and sound.

When we started Shade Australia back in the summer of 2000 we did with a belief that as the hottest country on earth with the highest rate of preventable skin cancer in the world that there must be a growing demand for the product we were selling, which of course was the shade itself. We were right! Over the many years that we've run this business the industry has changed a great deal. We usually travel to China at least once a year to meet with the various factories that supply us although this year of course we haven't made the trip.  We also reguarly travel around Australia meeting with our local manufacturers and talk to them about how we can deliver a better product to our customers.

At the end of the day, Shade really is a big deal to us and when you entrust us with your order you can rest assured that we will do our utmost to deliver your order as efficiently as possible. As we like to say, The hotter it gets, the harder we work :)


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