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Inground Removable Umbrella Base

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In-ground removable umbrella bases are suited for installation into pavements and concrete. When the umbrella is removed the cap flips closed creating a safe and secure installation method for both commercial and domestic umbrella installations. The “Socket” part is concreted into the ground. The “Spigot” part is attached to the umbrella pole. View sizing chart below to select the best size for your umbrellas or call us on 1800 155 233 for technical advice.

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Inground Removable Umbrella Bases, also known as Pavement Sleeves are an important accessory for the installation of cafe & market umbrellas, particularly in commercial situations such as cafes and restaurants.

Often umbrellas need to be removed and stored inside during the night and be put back in situ during the day. Using this inground removable sleeve system makes it very easy to remove the umbrella completely. Once the umbrella is removed, the flip cap can be pushed closed leaving a completely level surface with no trip hazards.

Inground removable bases are also recommended for umbrellas being installed in breezy conditions. Unlike a normal umbrella baseplate, the actual socket is concreted into the ground making it very secure.

What is the Spigot?

  • The inground section is called the socket. This part is the same for all sizes.
  • The top section is called the spigot. This size varies depending on what size umbrella it needs to fit.


The actual cast alloy sleeve which goes into the ground is a standard size but it accepts variable sized sockets. This enables it to accept umbrellas from 38mm to 67mm pole size.

In-ground removable umbrella base


  • The 38mm Size has an internal spigot. That means it goes inside the umbrella pole. This only works for these Sunranger Umbrellas Click Here for more information. 
  • The 50mm Size has an external spigot. That means the tube goes on the outside of the umbrella pole. It is suitable for umbrella poles with a diameter of 38mm, 40mm or 48mm.
  • The 67mm Size has an external spigot. That means the tube goes on the outside of the umbrella pole. It can accept the standard 58mm dia umbrella poles however they are quite loose and may need some additional packing to hold them tight.  

If you are unsure as to which Inground Removable Sleeve is best for your umbrella, please give us a call on 1800 155 233 to discuss.


Typically, installation is carried our by a tradesman or handy person. If going into concrete the ideal way to do the installation is to core-drill a hole, 150mm round by at least 400mm deep. The base is secured using concrete or non-shrink grout.

The Spigot itself is then permanently secured to the pole of the umbrella with screws. These are only supplied with the 50mm Socket size. The user will have to supply their own bolts for the other sizes. The spigot becomes an extension of the umbrella pole itself and when the umbrella is fitted into the socket, it retains its normal height.

Inground Removable Umbrella Base  

These bases are best suited for use with Aluminium or steel umbrella poles, however, we've seen many customers use them on timber umbrellas also.


The system works by fitting a spigot onto the pole of the umbrella. This extends the length of the umbrella pole allowing it to drop into the inground socket. Once inserted, a locking pin goes through the flip cap and the spigot securing the umbrella and spigot into position. A padlock can be added for extra security as required. 


Currently, we are supplying the inground pavement sleeve system in Black only. 


Inground removable bases are a reliable and safe method of securing umbrellas in windy conditions or where baseplates are not suitable. Once installed they are very easy to operate and help cafe and restaurant owners maximise their usable space. They are suitable for use in both commercial and domestic situations.

More details are under the Brochures Tab. We can assist with supplying detailed installation instructions as required. To get more information send us an email give us a call on 1800 155 233.

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