1. Shade Australia’s List of Best Market Umbrellas of 2021

    Shade Australia’s List of Best Market Umbrellas of 2021

    Market umbrellas are a versatile shade option that can be used to complement the style of a home backyard, to add value to a property, or to create a welcoming invitation for customers. They are also a practical and valuable way to add to the atmosphere of a café or restaurant. These umbrellas are usually octagonal, or round, but they can also be square or hexagonal and can range from 2.1m to 4.3m wide. Market umbrellas always have a centre pole and are not to be confused with cantilever umbrellas (or offset umbrellas) which have the pole to the side – these types of umbrellas are not usually suitable for commercial use as their asymmetrical design makes them susceptible to wind damage. Many market umbrellas share similar features, but not all are created equal. While this is not necessarily a bad thing as every customer has different needs, it’s important to understand what makes a market umbrella stand out from the hundreds of others available. The following are the best market um

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  2. Best Outdoor Umbrellas 2020

    Best Outdoor Umbrellas 2020

    Be it a rainy season or sunny weather, having a good quality umbrella will pretty much protect us from the external environment. Best quality outdoor umbrellas are the ones made of top-notch material and good outlook – providing us with both style and protection. Who wouldn't want to have an umbrella that accentuates their style and provides them with the best safety they need from the sunlight or the rain!

    In this review, we will walk you through some of the best outdoor umbrellas Australia that come with state of the art material and that are built with precise design and care.

    1. Hurricane

    Made of durable spun acrylic fabric, this range of umbrellas are made to withstand the harsh weather conditions in Australia and are suitable for both domestic as well as commercial use. The canopy gives the ultimate UV protection up to UPF 50 plus. What's more, the UV stabilized sewing thread is highly resistant to rain. You can get a custom

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  3. Top Outdoor Cantilever Umbrellas 2020

    Top Outdoor Cantilever Umbrellas 2020

    Spring is already here, and summer is on its way, which are two seasons of the year you will enjoy more in the shade. Cantilever umbrellas are the most affordable and versatile shade solutions for Australian backyards. They are also an excellent option for adding a touch of sophistication and class to any deck, patio, or pool area.


    What are Cantilever Umbrellas? 

    Unlike traditional umbrellas, a cantilever umbrella is supported by a pole at the side rather than the centre. Mounting the umbrella this way provides outdoor lovers with more ways to design their outdoor areas and ensure there is always plenty of unobstructed shade available.


    Advantages of Cantilever Umbrellas 

    We go on for ages about why cantilevers are the superior choice when it comes to shade, but here are just a few reasons why we think they are great.


    They Provide 360-degree Sun Protection

    If you plan to spend

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  4. Best Offset Patio Umbrella

    Best Offset Patio Umbrella

    Best Offset Patio Umbrella

    Trying to find the best offset patio umbrella? You need to keep a few things in mind before you out and buy any offset patio umbrella. Here’s what you need to look for before you purchase this umbrella.

    You Need Space

    The offset umbrella is attractive and it provides you with a lot of shade but you need to ensure that you have a large deck or patio for this type of umbrella because you need the room. These umbrellas won’t work if you have a small deck as they are just too bulky for that purpose. These work well on a lower level patio area or by the pool where you have more room to use this type of umbrella. You should measure your deck and ensure that there’s space for the umbrella or rearrange your furniture accordingly before you buy the best offset patio umbrella for your needs.

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  5. The Best Swimming Pool Umbrellas for Commercial Spaces

    The Best Swimming Pool Umbrellas for Commercial Spaces

    Umbrellas for Commercial Swimming Pools

    Commercial swimming pool umbrellas are anexcellent way to shadeguests and customers to protect them from the sun, and a creative way to design an atmosphere that can change depending on the umbrella that is used. While similar to market umbrellas, commercial umbrellas are manufactured with heavy duty materials that are able to withstand constant useand are often constructed with marine grade equipment to give the umbrella a longer service life which is an important feature when it comes to looking for a poolside umbrella. Another feature is how easily the parts are able to be replaced- for example, most commercial umbrellas are able to replace an arm instead of the whole umbrella, and it should be easily replaceable too, so that the umbrella doesn’t need to be sent back to the manufacturer. As most pool activity happens in the warmer months, the chance of guests receiving sun damage skyrockets – so too does the need for shaded areas

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  6. Best Commercial Grade Outdoor Umbrellas for Restaurants

    Best Commercial Grade Outdoor Umbrellas for Restaurants

    Commercial Umbrellas for Outdoor Restaurants

    An outdoor umbrella can change the look of a commercial business, café, or restaurant into an inviting and modern outdoorspace for customers. The appearance of a commercial umbrella is crucial because they are an outside reflection of a business’ choices and aspirations to the people they are coming into contact with. It’s important to understand that though they may look similar on the outside, a commercialgrade umbrella is engineered with higher-grade materials to be stronger and hardier than domestic or market umbrellas and for that reason, most of them are established with a centre pole and feature easily replaceable parts. There are many commercial grade outdoor umbrellas that have their own strong points and include the potential to turn a shade solution into advertising space as most of them are well-suited to being printed with a name or logo on the canopy, or have the ability to be printed on a valance.

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  7. The Best Commercial Umbrellas of 2018

    The Best Commercial Umbrellas of 2018

    Commercial Umbrellas are designed to be harder-wearing and stronger than typical market umbrellas and for our 2018 list, we have selected a variety of different styles to encompass a wide range of needs.

    Why Buy A Commercial Umbrella?

    Commercial umbrellas are often in situations where they are more likely to be damaged, so the umbrellas in this list all have easily interchangeable parts. This means that a broken arm does not need to mean having to buy a whole new umbrella.

    On top of their robust nature, commercial umbrellas can be printed with custom logos which shows off your branding while keeping customers out of the rain or sun.

    What to look for in a Commercial Umbrella.

    The canopy of the umbrella is a very important aspect when making a choice, as the most suitable fabric will vary with the job it needs to do. It may be exposed to sunlight for long periods of time, or have to sustain a lar

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  8. The Best Cantilevers of 2018

    The Best Cantilevers of 2018

    The cantilever umbrella is reknown for being one of the most versatile types of umbrella available in both the commercial and domestic market. The fact that its main support post is not in the centre but at the side gives it the ability to work in more spaces than a centrepost umbrella, and the tilt and revolving functions found in most styles allow it to be used in a variety of ways that keeps the user comfortable and in control of the shade at all times. It's no surprise that this type of umbrella has recently become more popular with the ability to change the direction of the umbrella to block the sun at any time. 

     A Stand-Out Umbrella

    Not only do cantilever umbrellas provide shelter from the sun and from rain, they also look great as they are available in many colours, sizes, and styles. High-quality materials make them beautiful and functional decor pieces that encompass an air of elegance wherever they

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  9. Best Outdoor Umbrella Styles for the Year 2018

    Best Outdoor Umbrella Styles for the Year 2018

    Buying a good quality umbrella is a great idea for spending time outdoors when you require protection from harsh weather. It gives you full protection from the rain and the scorching sun and provides cool shade for relaxation. If you are looking to buy the best quality umbrella to fit into any outdoor setting, then you are right on track. Here is a review of the top outdoor umbrellas of 2018.

    Sunranger Premium Timber Market Umbrellas

    Enjoy the outdoors under the luxurious comfort of this beautifully designed sustainable timber umbrella. Sunranger Premium Timber Market Umbrellas come in three sizes and have large diameter pole sizes of 48mm and 59mm for extra strength. People also love this umbrella because of the simple fact that its refined features make it a great fit for many outdoor scenarios.

    Special Features

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  10. Keeping Cool with Shade Sails

    Keeping Cool with Shade Sails

     Listen to this informative podcast between Tim Webster speaks to Andy McLeod from Shade Australia to find out how a shade sail is the perfect, cost effective way to keep your family this summer. 

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