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Brella Brace for Beach Umbrella Securing System

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Brella Brace for Beach Umbrella Securing System. Also includes an orange stake to secure your umbrella. 

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Brella Brace for Beach Umbrella Securing System

The Brella Brace is an Aussie invention that will quickly become a beach-trip essential for all-day shade in the sand! It works by tethering your beach umbrella into the sand or the ground for added wind resistance.


  • Bungee cord to absorb moderate wind
  • Safety flag 
  • 225mm high visibility sand peg

How to Use your Brella Brace:

Slip the loop of the Brella Brace under the plastic cap at the top of the umbrella. It can also be attached to the top of the pole through the wind vent.

Secure the Brella Brace to the sandpeg away from your umbrella in the direction that the wind is coming from. Be sure not to overtension the bungee cord so that it can absorb moderate wind.


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