Café Courtyard Stripe Umbrella

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Café Courtyard Stripe Umbrella

The regal Café & Courtyard umbrella range has been made in the same factory now for 2 generations.  Thousands of these umbrellas take pride of place in upmarket homes restaurants and resorts.  If you’re looking for Aussie-made, premium quality market umbrella then our Café & Courtyard range is for you. 

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Each Café & Courtyard Umbrella is made to order allowing you to select the perfect combination of size, colour, shape and mounting option.  Each umbrella is built on an oversized 60mm diameter frame and is fitted with a premium 100% outdoor acrylic canopy.  All fittings are stainless steel.  This is an investment which will look great and provide many years of reliable service.


An oversized 60mm diameter x 2mm thick aluminium frame creates the foundation for these umbrellas.  Other features of these umbrella which make them such a high quality market umbrella include; 

  • Proudly Australian made
  • Rope cleat slider for easy open and close
  • Premium quality marine-grade rope for opening and closing
  • 60mm diameter mast makes the frame lightweight yet strong
  • Powdercoated aluminium frame (your choice of colours only)
  • Marine grade Acrylic canvas canopies (wide range of colours)
  • Canopies suitable for screen printing
  • Reinforced arm extrusions for extra strength
  • Multiple options for installation including bolt down base, inground socket and movable baseplate
  • Multiple canopy options including valance or straight edge
  • Interchangeable parts
  • Quick-fit canopy system
  • Fitted top cap and large wind vent for stability
  • Arm ends fitted with plastic plugs to enhance overall finish
  • Single piece pole for strength
  • Suitable for use with our Brolly Trolley™ to make relocating and moving the assembly safe and easy
  • All fittings stainless steel


Café & Courtyard Umbrellas also have the option of a valance.  This is a strip of fabric sewn around the perimeter of the umbrella.  Valances are popular in commercial settings where customers like to screen print the name of their restaurant or café onto the valance. 

Valances can have a straight edge or a scalloped edge.

Another feature is to contrast the colour of the Valance binding.  If your canopy and valance are red for example, a black binding or edging can really give a great effect.  Call us to discuss colour combinations. 


Each canopy is individually hand-made from 100% outdoor acrylic canvas.  This fabric is extremely hard wearing and completely fade resistant with a 5 Year Warranty pro-rata against UV degradation.  The fabric is highly water resistant making it suitable for rain as well as sun protection. It also offers a full UPF block equivalent to stopping 99% of UV Rays.  Standard colours shown below - call us for additional options.


Black/White Grey/White Navy/White Red/White Yellow/White Neptune/White


Yes, we can screen print your new Café & Courtyard Umbrella.  Send through your artwork and we’ll provide you with a written quotation.

Frame Colour 

Café & Courtyard umbrellas are made-to-order allowing you to select the colour which best suits your décor.  Choose from our standard powdercoated colour range of click on the Expanded range for even more colour options.

Cafe & Courtyard Frame Colour White Cafe & Courtyard Frame Colour White Birch Cafe & Courtyard Frame Colour Primrose Cafe & Courtyard Frame Colour Stone Biege Cafe & Courtyard Acrylic Colour Silver
White White Birch Primrose Stone Beige Silver


Cafe & Courtyard Frame Colour Claret Cafe & Courtyard Frame Colour Navy Cafe & Courtyard Frame Colour Dark Green Cafe & Courtyard Frame Colour Charcoal Cafe & Courtyard Acrylic Colour Black
Claret Navy Dark Green Charcoal Black



Café & Courtyard umbrellas arrive fully assembled ready for use.  In terms of selecting the way to install your umbrella so that it is stable there are multiple options.  These include;  

  • Movable Umbrella Base:  Suitable if you need to move your umbrella around or take it in and out each day.  It is important that the umbrella be matched to a suitably heavy and stable base.  The best base option is the Sunranger Umbrella Bases.  These are a bit more expensive than a normal umbrella base but have many advantages including, industrial rust prevention treatment, the ability to be weighted-up to remain stable in breezy conditions.
    We recommend that when you purchase movable baseplates for your umbrella that you consider purchasing a Brolly Trolley™.  This make it safe and easy to move your umbrella and base around without any heavy lifting.
  • Bolt down Baseplate:  Ideal where the umbrella is being installed on a more permanent setting or where it is particularly breezy.  You will need a suitably strong concrete slab to bolt to.
  • Inground Base:  Usually with this style of installation we send the inground socket out ahead of time allowing you/your handyperson to concrete it in and let the concrete set.  When the umbrella arrives, the base is secure and you can stand the umbrella.
  • Removable Inground Base:  Many Local Councils require the use of an inground sleeve whereby the umbrella is secured by placing it into a pre-installed socket.  In this instance, the umbrella slips onto the sleeve and is secured by a flap or pin.  When removed, the cap flips closed and the area is safe leaving no trip hazard. 


Recommended Accessories

Option up your Café & Courtyard Umbrella with a wide range of Accessories including: 

  • Sunranger Umbrella Bases
  • Matching Acrylic Protection Cover (call us) or a Easireach Centrepost Cover in either Platinum or Natural)
  • Fabric Guard
  • Printing
  • Brolly Trolley™


Final Comments

Café & Courtyard Umbrellas are a premium quality umbrella manufactured in Australia.  You should expect to get many, many years of reliable service from an umbrella of this kind.  Many customers call us up after a decade and we simply make them a new canopy allowing their umbrella to continue on and do it all over again.  If you’re looking for the highest quality centrepost umbrella to look great and last for years this umbrella is an excellent investment.

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