Hurricane Soho Premium Parasol - Ash Black and White Stripe

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The Hurricane by Bambrella now comes in Ash Black and White stripe. This magnificent umbrella sets a new standard in design and engineering. Base sold separately - photo for display purposes only.

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Known for manufacturing the finest bamboo parasols in the world, Bambrella has now moved into the the creation of state of the art aluminium umbrellas. Shade Australia is very proud to introduce this product distributed around Australia as The Hurricane Collection. The Bambrella Hurricane is quite possibly the most refined market umbrella available anywhere in the world. Every detail has been meticulously designed and executed resulting in an umbrella that creates a statement of style and luxury.

Don't think however that the Hurricane is just for show, a great deal of engineering has gone into every single component of the umbrella. In wind tunnel testing, the Hurricane withstood wind blasts of over 100km/h proving that its good looks are more than just skin deep. The design brief for the Hurricane was to create an umbrella range which maintained a minimalistic design, whilst creating an environment of understated luxury. Every single component in this umbrella reflects that initial brief from the thread used to sew up the Premium Spuncrylic fabric used in the canopy to the highly polished interlocking profiles which both strengthen and beautify the ribs.

The Bambrella Hurricane range of parasols is our premium parasol made from aluminium. A registered design of an interlocking profile system makes these parasols one of the strongest available, designed for commercial and high-end domestic situations. The Hurricane range was created with all the different harsh Australian environments in mind, from the ocean to the outback this umbrella will withstand them all. All the parts are designed so they are easily interchangeable. Customers have a choice of finials, made from cast aluminium which gives the final touch to this unique range of parasols.


  • Suited for both commercial and domestic use
  • Premium Spuncrylic Canvas canopy
  • High UV Protection (UPF 50+)
  • UV stabilised sewing thread High level of rain resistance
  • Custom extruded central mast
  • Structural Aluminium pole with a 3.5mm wall thickness
  • Silver industrial anodize coating
  • All the bolts and screws are stainless steel


Size3.0m Octagonal3.5m Octagonal4.0m Octagonal2m x 3m Rectangle2.0m Square2.6m Square3.0m Square3.4m Square
Area (M2)
Pole Dia.48mm48mm58mm48mm48mm48mm48mm58mm
Cover SizeMedium Centrepost Protection CoverLarge Centrepost Protection CoverLarge Centrepost Protection CoverLarge Centrepost Protection CoverMedium Centrepost Protection CoverLarge Centrepost Protection CoverExtra Large Centrepost Protection coverExtra Large Centrepost Protection cover
Rib Size35 x 20 mm Reinforced
MastStructural Aluminum with 3.5 mm wall thickness
OperationDouble Rope and Pulley System
A3000348040002000 x 30002000260029303350

The Hurricane is avalable in Australia in three shapes and eight sizes. View product specifications here.


Finished with Spuncrylic premium canvas, the Hurricane will provide an excellent UV protection (UPF 50+), it will also give a high level of rain resistance. Spuncrylic is a fabric especially designed for outdoor applications such as on awnings and umbrellas. The actual yarn is solution dyed meaning that the colour is embedded down to the core of the material as opposed to simply being dip-dyed which will fade. View the attached brochure under the brochures tab.

All canopies are sewn on industrial overlocker machines using a specially selected UV stabilised sewing thread. Although it might go unnoticed to the normal eye, it is details such as the careful selection of the highest quality threads and equipment which goes toward the creation of this world class umbrella. The end result - longevity, performance and great looks.  


The Hurricane is avalable for immediate order in the following range of contemporary colours colours (stock on hand permitting). The fabric is Spuncrylic Canvas known for its durable properties. 

Ash Black and White
Ash Black & White

Solid colours in The Hurricane available here.


One of the most impressive features of The Hurricane is the custom extruded central mast. Four inset gussets around the perimeter of the mast add both style and strength. The mast is made from structural aluminium with a 3.5mm wall thickness. It is finished with a silver industrial anodize coating. For additional strength and stability there are structural inserts positioned strategically throughout the mast and ribs of the umbrella to stiffen and strengthen the overall frame. 

The wind test video shown in the product gallery was conducted under university conditions and it shows that the Hurricane has been tested to winds in excess of 100 km/h. Although we do not recommend or warrant the umbrella for use under such extreme weather condtions, it is a clear demonstration of how well this umbrella has been engineered.

One of the unique design features of The Hurricane is the bright mirror finish trim sections slotted into the underside of each arm rib. Not only does this stiffen the ribs adding great strength, it also creates a beautiful look and finish to the underside of the umbrella. 

A "finial" is the finishing crown of an umbrella. The Hurricane has 2 finials to choose from, it comes standard with the 3D stylised oval finial. Customers can upgrade to the yacht finial for that extra flare. 

Yacht Finial
Additional Extra

Oval Finial


All the bolts and screws are stainless steel. The exposed fittings are 316 grade and the underside fittings are 304 stainless steel. The central runner and top hub are made from glass-impregnated nylon. This gives great strength whilst maintaining a smooth operational action.  


An umbrella of this size and strength must be installed with a stable base system. There are multipe options available depending on the loaction and customers requirements. Sunranger Umbrella bases are a strong and stable option if the umbrella needs to be moveable. Additional weight plates can be added to these baseplates to increase stability. Granite baseplates are more suited to domestic applications where the base is not regularly moved. Inground removable or permenant bases are ideal for commercial applications.  

This table below shows the bases that can be used with the Hurricane Premium Parasol. Ensure that the base you select is suitable for the size of the umbrella pole. The smaller umbrella sizes have a 48mm diameter pole and the larger umbrellas have a 58mm diameter pole. 

 Sunranger Baseplate Sunranger+1 weightplate Sunranger+ 2 weight plates sunranger_granite
Sunranger Excaliber. Suits 48mm + 58mm poles. 32kgsSunranger Excaliber + 1 Weight-plate. Suits 48mm + 58mm poles. 62kgsSunranger Excaliber + 2 Weight-plates. Suits 48mm + 58mm poles. 92kgs Sunranger Granite. Suits 48mm poles only. 35kgs. Stainless steel spigot 
Sunranger Granite 55kginground_removablestainless steel basesunranger_boltdown
Sunranger Granite. Suits 48mm & 58mm poles. 55kgs. Stainless steel spigot Inground removable Pavement Sleeve. Suits 48mm + 58mm poles  Stainless Steel Inground Base. Suits 48mm + 58mm polesSunranger bolt-down base. Suits 48 + 58mm poles.  Bolts not supplied


A Quick Overview on the Hurricane Premium Parasol 


The Bambrella Hurricane stands as one of the most refined and well designed umbrellas available anywhere in the world. If you are looking for an umbrella of distinction for your commercial premises, your home or to carry your all important brand then The Hurricane could be the umbrella for you.

Please Note: This umbrella is not designed to be left up on a permanent basis and although wind tolerant should be collapsed in breezy conditions. If you are after an umbrella to be left up on a permanent basis we recommend the Italian Piazza Style (available in Acrylic or PVC fabric) Commercial Umbrella.

If you have further questions about this umbrella don't hesitate to call us on Freecall 1800 155 233. 

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2 Year Warranty

The Hurricane comes with a 2 Year Frame & Fabric. Warranty is subject to our Standard Warranty conditions. Fabric Warranty is Pro-Rata.

We generally hold stock of this item at our Ingleburn warehouse but if you need it urgently or are planning to visit us to pick it up, it’s best you contact us so we can ensure that we meet your requirements. If we don’t have the stock on hand we can usually get it in quite quickly.

We ship this product Australia wide with reliable couriers such as TNT. 

Once we dispatch an order, we will email you the tracking number.  This allows you to track your delivery so you know when it is going to be delivered.

We do our best to ensure your order is packaged securely and arrives safely.

PLEASE NOTE: This item cannot be shipped to a PO Box or Parcel Locker.
We recommend an address that has a safe spot to leave the item or there will be someone there to sign for the delivery.

What makes this umbrella so special?

The Hurricane premium parasol by Bambrella has been engineered in the United Kingdom to be one of the most stylish, well-made market umbrellas available anywhere in the world. Its construction is strong to withstand windy conditions. It is made with a high-quality canvas which is showerproof and has a UPF of 50+.

Is it suitable for commercial use as well as home use?

Yes. The Hurricane umbrella has been tested by an engineer to withstand strong winds. It is ideal for a commercial situation provided it is carefully managed. It is not an umbrella that is designed to be left up permanently and when it gets windy it is important to collapse the umbrella and secure it.

The Hurricane is also a perfect umbrella for the discerning homeowner who is looking for a high-quality parasol umbrella to enhance their outdoor area.

How big is it?

The Hurricane is available in multiple sizes and shapes. The smallest size is 2.1m square and the largest size is 4.0m Octagonal. There are many sizes in-between.

What size base do I need with the umbrella?

The base of any umbrella determines how stable it is in breezy conditions. The most stable way to secure this umbrella is with an inground or bolt-down base. If this is not possible there are a range of base-plates that are suitable for this umbrella depending on how it is going to be used. Make sure you select a base that accepts the right size pole diameter (48mm or 58mm) and that is heavy enough. If you are unsure, please don’t hesitate to contact Shade Australia to discuss your specific situation.

Is the fabric waterproof?

The fabric is showerproof. If it gets saturated it will drip.

Is the fabric sunproof?

Yes, the fabric has a UPF of 50+. It also features a 2 year fade resistant warranty.

Can you deliver it to me?

Of course. Just select your postcode in the checkout and we will calculate the shipping price. If the price seems high, then you are welcome to call us and we can investigate if it’s possible to find a cheaper freight company.

We do need an ATL (authority to leave) if we are delivering to a home. This can be a front porch or carport. If you can’t give an ATL you will need to contact us so we can make alternate arrangements.

What is the warranty?

The Hurricane comes with a 2 year frame and fabric warranty. The warranty is subject to our standard warranty conditions. Fabric warranty is pro-rata. Please note that all umbrellas sold by Shade Australia are not warranted for wind damage.

Can I fix it if it breaks?

Yes, all the parts are interchangeable so if in the rare instance an arm breaks, we can send you a new one and you can easily replace it. Alternatively, we can send you a replacement part with instructions and you can replace it yourself.

Can I replace the fabric canopy?

Yes, if you wish to change the fabric canopy on your umbrella it is a relatively straight forward job.

Will my umbrella rust?

No. the central structure of the umbrella is made from anodised aluminium. All bolts and nuts are stainless steel.

What maintenance do I need to do?

Like any product with moving parts, we recommend regular checks to ensure all nuts and bolts are in place and tight. When not in use we recommend furling the fabric and securing with the strap. An umbrella protection cover will greatly extend the life of the fabric on your umbrella.

Can I print my logo on this umbrella and what will it cost?

Yes, you can print your logo onto this umbrella. In order to give you a quotation, we need to see your artwork first so that we can determine the size and number of colours in the logo. Most of the printing we do in these umbrellas is screen-printing or heat-transfer. We’ve found that that other types of printing such as digital print fade to fast in the hot Australian sun.

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