Bambrella Levante Bamboo Soho Range

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Bambrella Levante Bamboo Soho Range

The Bambrella is now available in a stylish Striped Ash Black and White!

Bambrella umbrellas are the strongest natural umbrellas in the world. Their strength comes from their flexible laminated bamboo frames. This premium range of umbrellas are designed for the most discerning customers due to their elegant look and strong frame. 

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Bambrella umbrellas are as strong as they are impressive, with naturally flexible laminated bamboo frames. This premium range of umbrellas have been designed for the most discerning customers who will be captivated by their elegant look and strong frame

The Bambrella Levante is a premium umbrella which has been steadily increasing in popularity due to its versatility – it suits both commercial and domestic settings and is an attractive shade solution. Made using a single piece of pole from laminated bamboo, the Levanteis verystrong and very durable with simple, clean lines. The warm natural look of the bamboo and the stylish soho black and white colourway lends a modern contemporary style to its setting.


Our Favourite Feature: The elegant soho ash black and white canopy contrasting with the soft, natural look of the bamboo frame

  • Double rope and pulley open/close system with locking pin
  • Natural beauty of bamboo
  • 100% Moso laminated bamboo
  • Lacquered frame to protect and enhance its natural beauty
  • 38/48/58mm diameter central poles
  • Beautiful stainless steel rib ends, spiders and pins
  • 304 stainless steel fittings
  • Single piece pole for strength
  • Suitable for use with our Brolly Trolley™ to make relocating and moving umbrellas safe and easy


  • 2.1m Square (Out of stock)
  • 3.0m Square
  • 3.4m Square
  • 2 x 3m Rectangle
  • 2.5 x 3.5m Rectangle
  • 3.0m Octagonal
  • 4.0m Octagonal 


SIZE 3.0m Oct 4.0m Oct 2.1m Squ 3.0m Squ 3.4 Squ 2.0 x 3.0m 2.5 x 3.5m
Area (M2) 6.7 11.8 4.4 9 11.6 6 7.7
Pole Dia 48mm 58mm 38mm 48mm 58mm 58mm 58mm
Mast Lacquered Sustainable Moso Bamboo
Operation Double Rope and Pulley
Cover Size Medium Large Medium Extra Large Extra Large Large Extra Large
A 3000 4000 2100 3000 3400 2000 x 3000 2500 x 3500
B 2700 2800 2750 3050 3370 2880 3000
C 2100 2100 2130 2260 2420 2100 2130
D 1050 830 1100 800 700 920 760


Only a premium canopy fabric could match the quality of this premium umbrella, and that’s why Bambrella chooses Spuncrylic, which is solution-dyed to resist fading. Spuncrylic is highly water-resistant fabric with a soft look finish and a UPF of 50+ (98% UV radiation block).


Ash Black and White
Ash Black and White


Much attention to detail has gone into the design and construction of the Bambrella frame. Each umbrella is constructed around the single piece centrepost which allows for a strong structure with clean lines. Moso® bamboo is the timber of choice, regarded as the highest premium brand in sustainable bamboo production for natural strength and aesthetics, and comes from sustainable forests with FSC certification.

The Bambrella Levante incorporates a turned bamboo runner and hub with stainless steel fittings such as the ‘spiders’ used as arm brackets, and is finished with a neat rounded finial at the top of the umbrella. The Spuncrylic canopy is attached at the ends of the arms by a exclusively designed stainless steel rib end protection system. Each of these features work together to create an exquisitely designed umbrella with easy interchangeability if maintenance or repair is required.

Why Bamboo

Bamboo is a high-quality material that is environmentally sustainable, non-toxic, and beautiful with a tensile strength of steel but with much greater flexibility. It is:

  • Fully sustainable and renewable
  • Naturally strong and durable
  • Very strong with a tensile strength similar to steel
  • Smooth to touch – no splinters


As with any umbrella of this size and strength, it must but installed with a suitably stable base system. There are multiple options available depending on location and customer requirements. If an umbrella needs to stay mobile, the Sunranger umbrella bases are a strong and stable option. Additional weight plates are also available that can be added to increase stability. Granite bases create an impressive display though it is best suited for domestic applications where the base will not be regularly moved. For commercial installations, the best bases are inground removable or bolt-down. 

This table below shows the bases that can be used with the Bambrella bamboo umbrella. Ensure that the base you select is suitable for the size of the umbrella pole. 


Sunranger Baseplate Sunranger+1 weightplate Sunranger+ 2 weight plates sunranger_granite
Sunranger Excaliber. Suits 48mm + 58mm poles. 32kgs Sunranger Excaliber + 1 Weight-plate. Suits 48mm + 58mm poles. 62kgs Sunranger Excaliber + 2 Weight-plates. Suits 48mm + 58mm poles. 92kgs Sunranger Granite. Suits 48mm poles only. 35kgs. Stainless steel spigot
fatboy inground_removable stainless steel base sunranger_boltdown
 Sunranger Fatboy. Suits 48mm poles only. 40kgs. Concrete base with wheels Inground removable Pavement Sleeve. Suits 48mm + 58mm poles Stainless Steel Inground Base. Suits 48mm + 58mm poles Sunranger bolt-down base. Suits 48 + 58mm poles.  Bolts not supplied


The Bambrella umbrella uses a double rope and pulley system to open and close the umbrella, and once it is fully opened a custom made pin featuring a hand crafted bamboo noggin slots into the top of the pole to hold it in place.



The Bambrella umbrella range is globally recognised as a revolutionary blend of natural beauty and long lasting durability, and when coupled with the striking contemporary design of the soho ash black and white canopy, it is guaranteed to create an inviting and modern atmosphere in any commercial installation or home.

Safety Warning:  Market umbrellas such as this are not designed to act as a permanent shade structures. They must be collapsed and secured in windy conditions and should not be left unattended when open in case of a sudden strong wind. Excessive wind puts great stress on the frame which can cause damage to the umbrella and people. 

You’ll find additional information about this product by using the Tabs at the top of the page. Of course you’re always welcome to call us during normal business hours on Freecall 1800 155 233

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Bambrella Product Specifications
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Spuncrylic Technical Brochure
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Why should I pay this much?

Bambrellas are a high-end premium umbrella. They use top of the range fabrics and fittings. They have been crafted to be amongst the best natural umbrella in the world.  A Bambrella is an investment in quality.

What’s the lead-time to get one of these umbrellas?

We only hold a small quantity of these high end umbrellas in stock so expect a lead-time of 7-10 days. 

Can I put it my Bambrella through a table?

Nearly always as these umbrellas have a high closing height, however, check the Bambrella Umbrella Measurements guide under the Brochures Tab to see what the closing height of each umbrella is. It needs to close higher than your table height. Also check the pole diameter of the umbrella to ensure that your table has or can have a hole of this diameter cut in it. 

Is the fabric water proof?

Spuncrylic fabric is highly water resistant. It can be treated with 303 Fabric Guard for increased Water Repellence.

Can Bambrellas withstand strong winds?

More than most other timber umbrellas Bambrellas can withstand strong winds.  View the wind test video under the videos tab. It is highly unusual for this umbrella to sustain wind damage unless it falls over so investment in an adequate base is worthwhile. We recommend that the long life of your umbrella that you collapse and secure it when strong winds prevail.

Can I get it in any colour? 

Non standard colours are available for custom orders. Please call us to enquire. 

Can I replace the canopy?

Sure. If you’ve purchased a Bambrella from us before we can send you a new canopy.  Call us for a price.

Can I print my logo on this umbrella?

Yes you can. Please give us a call for a free quote. 

How do I install this umbrella?

For the larger umbrellas in the range will need an Extra Heavy Baseplate which accepts a 58mm dia. pole.  For the mid-range sizes you should consider a Medium Base. 

Can I leave this umbrella up all the time?

We recommend that you collapse the umbrella when not using it and fold in away in a protection cover to prevent wind damage and in particular to prevent it from falling over. 

The Bambrella comes with a 2 Year Warranty on the Fame and a 2 Year Fade resistant warranty on the fabric.


Shade Australia is proud to extend on behalf of the manufacturer a full 2 Year Frame and Fabric Warranty on this umbrella. 

Warranty covers the umbrella for use in normal conditions.  The warranty does not cover damage caused by wind, or misuse.  Should a warranty claim be made it is the responsibility of the customer to get the umbrella back to us or a repair depot which we designate.  The condition of the umbrella will be assessed and if it is a legitimate warranty claim, we will carry out the repairs at our cost and return the umbrella to you at our cost.