LED Speaker Umbrella Light

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Enjoy your umbrella in the evenings as well as the daytime. LED lights create a soft bright light for you to enjoy outdoor dining. Also includes a Bluetooth speaker. No cords or cables, after charge you get 6 to 10 hours usage.

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The LED Speaker Umbrella light is a great addition to any umbrella. Easy to use and the light spreads evenly across a table. Great sound projected from the speakers. Clips onto the centrepost of all conventional umbrellas making it easy to assemble without the hassle of cords running across pathways. The LED Speaker Umbrella light includes 16 LED globes. The light uses a low amount of energy consumption and requires 2 to 4 hours charge time to operate, which gives you 6 to 10 hours of usage.


  • Light, convenient and portable
  • Bluetooth Speaker Connection
  • Rechargeable - Includes AC Adaptor
  • The perfect Umbrella accessory for when entertaining outdoor - light spreads evenly across table
  • Low enery consumption
  • Clear White Lighting
  • Perfect for any outdoor living set up
  • 16 LED globes


It suits umbrella poles sized 33.5mm - 50.8mm.


Step 1 Step 2
Open LED Umbrella light by pressing the unlock button Clip on to umbrella pole and turn light on
Led Light Open Led Light Close on Pole
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