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These architectural wind-rated commercial umbrellas are suitable for commercial and domestic applications. Each umbrella is made-to-order with a PVC Canopy and promises to look great and provide years of reliable service.

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Inspired by the stylish piazzas or public squares of Italy, these hand crafted commercial quality umbrellas have literally become an Australian Icon.  You’ll find them right across Australia and around the world (even in Italy).  Each umbrella is made made-to-order allowing you to select the perfect combination of size, colour, shape and mounting option. Italian Piazza commercial umbrellas are an investment which will look great and provide many years of reliable service. 

Proudly 100% Australian made

NOTE:  The difference between the Italian Piazza Heavy Duty and Italian Piazza Commercial is that the commercial model has a PVC canopy whilst the Heavy Duty model has an Acrylic Canvas Canopy.   Read below to compare the two. 


This umbrella range was designed and has been manufactured in the same Australian factory for nearly four decades.  Over this time the design has remained virtually unchanged which is testament to the enduring strength and ease of operation of this magnificent umbrella.  It’s superior design and construction combine to create a commercial umbrella able to withstand the rigors of the most demanding conditions.

  • Internal Rack and pinion gear box for easy opening and closing
  • 82.5 x 5mm Structural Aluminium mast
  • 100% outdoor Acrylic canvas or commercial quality PVC canopies
  • Canopies suitable for screen-printing
  • Commercial reinforced arm extrusions for extra strength
  • Suitable for bolt down or inground installation with custom base options available
  • Multiple canopy options including valance or straight edge
  • All fittings stainless steel

Italian Piazza Commercial Umbrellas also have the option of a valance.  This is a strip of fabric sewn around the perimeter of the umbrella.  Valances are popular in commercial settings where customers like to screen print the name of their restaurant or café onto the valance.  

Valances can have a straight edge or a scalloped edge.

Another feature is to contrast the colour of the Valance binding.  If your canopy and valance are red for example, a black binding or edging can really give a great effect.  Call us to discuss colour combinations. 


3.0m x 3.0m 9.0 sq.m 3.5m 8.73 sq.m
3.6m x 3.6m 12.96 sq.m 4.0m 11.25 sq.m
4.0m x 4.0m 16.0 sq.m 4.5m 14.4 sq.m
4.5m x 4.5m 20.25 sq.m 5.0m 17.15 sq.m
 4.8m x 4.8m 23.04 sq.m  5.5m 21.45 sq.m



Each umbrella is made to your exact specifications so you should anticipate a lead time from placement of order to delivery of around 3-4 weeks depending on the time of year.  Note:  It is less in winter and can be longer in summer.


Each umbrella in the range has an engineer certified wind rating in excess of 100km/h when opened.  The engineer certificate is provided under the Brochures tab.  It is important to read and understand this wind-rating correctly.  For further information, please contact us. 

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