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Price Match Guarantee



Our Price Match Guarantee

Shade Australia has been in business now for over 15 years. In that time, we’ve seen many competitors come and go. Many start with a flourish offering cheap prices and extended warranties only to close their doors a year or so later leaving their customers with empty promises.


We are committed to offering all our products at competitive pricing and all our prices are clearly displayed on our website. If you find a cheaper price for an identical item, we will work to match that price. Naturally, if a competitor is dumping their stock on eBay or running some sort of sale which indicates they are going out of business and are simply having a fire sale then we reserve the right not to drop to that level. Our goal is to be competitive of course, but just as importantly, to stand behind the products we sell so that if something ever does go wrong in the future, we’re only a phone call away to help you put things right. 

If you'd like us to look at doing price match you can email us here or give us a call on FREE CALL 1800 155 233.


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