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Browse the widest range of umbrellas and parasols in Australia. You'll find everything from Giant Commercial Umbrellas right down to elegant hand-held lace parasols. What's the difference between a Parasol and an Umbrella you ask. Well... 

The term “Parasol” comes from the Latin “Para” for shelter or shield and “sol”, which means sun.

The term “Umbrella” comes from the Latin word “umbra” meaning shaded or shadow.

Although many people use the terms interchangeably, we tend to refer to the larger sizes as umbrellas and the smaller hand-held sizes as parasols.  You may be looking for a made-to-order Cantilever or Sidepost umbrella or a large Commercial or Architectural Umbrella.  You may need some branded market umbrellas for your cafe or restaurant. We specialise in printing your umbrella with your brand or logo to make you stand out and look great. We've got an umbrella for every budget.  

If you’re looking for swimming pool umbrella then the best option is a cantilever or side-post umbrella such as the "Asta" or "Savannah" umbrella. These umbrellas have the pole on the side allowing you to tilt and rotate the umbrella to block the sun. This is what makes them so perfect as swimming pool umbrellas because they can keep you shaded while swimming. 


You'll also find a wide range of umbrella accessories including umbrella bases, protection covers and stands. If you can’t see what you're looking for and just want to talk to someone, give us a call.  Its Free, just call 1800 155 233.