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Standard Sized Shadesails

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Sundance Standard Size shade sails can be an excellent option for areas where the attachment points can be installed in exactly the right place. Hand sewn in Australia by highly experience sail makers to exacting quality standards. Wide range of sizes and colours.

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From : $455.00


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Sundance Standard Shade Sail

For years we’ve been selling our Sundance standard sized shade sails and DIY installers have been installing them in their homes, businesses and outdoor areas. These are a high quality Aussie made shade sail ranging in size from small to large. Made using UV stabilised stitching and famous Rainbow Z16 shade cloth they are a cost effective alternative to custom made.

Sundance Standard size shade sails offer a professional quality, Australian made result at a DIY price. If you’re planning to install a shade sail over your pool or outdoor area talk to us first to ensure that all the attachment points are in the right place and adequately secure so that when your new shade sail arrives, it will go up easily and stay up for years to come.

Hand made by highly experienced sail makers in an Australian family owned business for 2 decades.

What is a shade sail? Shade sails are also known as tension membranes. What happens is that a number of attachment points are installed, typically 4, wherein the fabric is tensioned. Shade sails are made with curved edges, called cutinary (literally meaning; “cut–in” edges. As tension is applied, the cable sewn into the curved edge tightens and thus the load is transferred from the fabric to the cable. This is how shade sails stay tight. Shadecloth Shade sails are not waterproof.


“We were expecting our volunteers to spend half the day fitting our new sail but it was up in less than an hour. It was a bit tight at the start but they soon had it up and looking great.”

-       Paula ABC Childcare Centre Director


Shapes & Sizes

We offer Sundance standard size shade sails in nine sizes:



Equilateral Triangle

3.5m x 3.5m x 3.5m

Equilateral Triangle

5.0m x 5.0m x 5.0m

Equilateral Triangle

6.8m x 6.8m x 6.8m


3.0m x 5.0m


4.4m x 6.0m


5.8m x 8.0m


3.0m x 3.0m


4.4m x 4.4m


5.8m x 5.8m

Note:  This is the size of the actual shade sail once it is under tension. The attachment points need to be further out in order to allow for tensioning. 


Our Favourite Feature:  Internal cable allows for adjustment when tensioning.

  • Rainbow Z16 commercial quality Shade cloth
  • Up to 99% UV Protection depending on the colour
  • Each sail hand sewn in Australia by highly experienced operators
  • Stainless steel wire rope sewn into the entire perimeter
  • Each corner fitted with easy-slide ring
  • PTFE thread with a 10 Year Warranty
  • 10 year* Fabric Warranty
  • 2 Year Workmanship Warranty


Design & Installation Guidance

Layout diagrams are available for free download.  These diagrams are available under the Brochures Tab. They give the exact positioning for the posts. Download these before you do anything else and check that the shade sail you’re planning to install will fit.

Key Point:  The attachment points are wider than the actual shade sail.

To install a professional quality shade sail there are some very important points to remember.  We’ve written a book called DIY Shade; Shade Sails Made Easy! The book is available in hard copy or .pdf.  It gives practical information for the DIY shade sail installer and if you go ahead and purchase a copy, we will refund you 100% of the book purchase price when you purchase your shade sail from us.


Important Considerations include; 

  • Although these Shade sails are standard sizes they are in fact "made to order". Accordingly, we can not accept a shadesail back if you change your mind or it does not fit, except in the case of sails ordered in the colour Desert Sand.
  • The stability of your sail will depend upon the strength of your attachment points. If you’re not sure how big your poles should be then you should talk to us first. We will provide you with engineering to ensure that your poles and holes are adequate for the job.
  • Be very careful attaching to walls and other existing structures. Shade sails generate high lateral loads which can result in damage and even injury.
  • Ensure your shade sail is installed on an angle. The industry standard design is called a ‘hypar’ design. This is where the high and low points are installed diagonally opposite. Under the Brochures Tab you’ll find a document Called Hypar Shade sails.pdf which will explain how to do this. 
  • Choose the right fittings for the job. For example, if you’re installing a shade sail with an 8 metre side, you need to ensure that the eyebolts and turnbuckles you select are strong enough to withstand these loads. We can do all this for you so that you get the right fittings for the job.

Measuring for your new shade sail

The most important thing to understand when installing a set sized shade sail is to make sure the points of attachment are in exactly the right place. Under the Brochures Tab you will find layout diagrams for each of the sizes. This is where the posts or attachment points need to go. You will notice that the posts are set further out than the size of the sail. This is critical as it allows for tensioning. It is possible to take a post back a metre or so in the same line as the diagonally opposite post, however, you can not move a post to the left or right. These shade sails have a single perimeter wire. If you move the attachment point to the left or right when you tension the sail the fabric will bunch up on the wire and result in wrinkles.  If, however, the tension is coming from the right direction (because your posts are as per the layout diagram) then these sails will tension perfectly every time.

The other important factor to bear in mind is that the posts need to be structurally adequate. One of the main problems we see is people underspecifying their posts. When it comes time to tension the sail, the poles flex inwards and it’s impossible to get the sail taut.  Note, you do not have to lean back posts which are adequately engineered - they can be completely vertical. 


Rainbow Shade Sails





Rainbow Z16 is the shade cloth we have been using for our Standard shade sails for well over a decade. In that entire time, we have never had a single warranty claim for UV break down or colour fading. Rainbow Z16 is a high quality architectural shade fabric suitable for small to medium sized sails. Here are some of the features we think you will appreciate;

  • High UV-R Protection – Up to 99.8%
  • Proven durability and longevity
  • High tensile strength
  • Light weight material
  • Safe filtered light
  • Unique construction with excellent cover factor
  • 10 Year manufacturers warranty against UV degradation
  • Great range of contemporary colours


UVR Block: 94.4% 
Shade: 91.5%

 Deser Sand
UVR Block: 97% 
Shade: 89%
UVR Block: 97%
Shade: 93%
UVR Block: 96%
Shade: 96%
UVR Block: 99%
Shade: 97%
 Navy Blue
UVR Block: 93%
Shade: 93%
 Laguna Blue
UVR Block: 93%
Shade: 89%
Royal Blue
UVR Block: 95%
Shade: 88%
UVR Block: 92%
Shade: 84%
UVR Block: 98%
Shade: 91%
UVR Block: 95.1%
Shade: 89.4%
 Ice White
UVR Block: 78%
Shade: 64%
UVR Block: 98%
Shade: 91%
UVR Block: 95%
Shade: 94%
UVR Block: 94%
Shade: 91%
 Rust Gold
UVR Block: 88%
Shade: 87%
UVR Block: 87%
Shade: 84%
 Sunset Red
UVR Block: 93%
Shade: 77%
 Atomic Orange
UVR Block: 92.7%
Shade: 82.5%
UVR Block: 91.7%
Shade: 83.7%
UVR Block: 90.5%
Shade: 82.8%
UVR Block: 81%
Shade: 72%


Lead Time

It takes approximately 2 weeks for us to manufacture your shade sail. Note, in terms of our Warranty, although Standard Sized these Shade sails are in fact "made to order" and are not an off the shelf product.

Final Comments 

Sundance Standard size shade sails are an excellent option for shading large outdoor areas. They give high UV protective shade and are made with high quality fabrics and fittings. 

You’ll find additional information about this product by using the Tabs at the top of the page.

Of course you’re always welcome to call us during normal business hours on Free-call 1800 155 233.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Nice Shadesail Review by Wilson
Product Information
Overall Value
Ease of Ordering
Looks good and keeps my patio shaded when I'm entertaining or just enjoying the day. Love the colour- mulberry. (Posted on 7/17/2018)
Easy to install Review by Zoltan
Overall Value
Ease of Ordering
Product Information
Easy to install once you figure out where you're going to put it - big range though so there are a lot of options. Good prices too. I got 3.5m triangle for out the back and my family thinks it's great. (Posted on 7/5/2018)

2 Item(s)

Customer Reviews

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Sundance Shade Sail FAQ

Why are the Sundance Shade Sails more expensive than other Standard Sized sails?

Sundance standard size shade sails are similar to our professional quality custom made shade sails. The main difference is that the sizes are set. You still get the same hand made high quality shade sail which promises to look great and last a lifetime. Do not compare these shade sails to the ones available in hardware stores, which are a mass produced product from overseas using cheap fabrics and materials. These shade sails are a premium quality Australian made product with a stainless steel cable perimeter and corners using what many people regard as the best shade cloth on the market, Rainbow Z16 making them, in relative terms, a good value option.

Can I install a shade sail myself?

We acknowledge that installing a shade sail isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do. If you’re not a handy person or you don’t like digging holes or working on a ladder then we suggest that installing a DIY shade sails probably isn’t for you. If however you’re reasonably handy and don’t mind a bit of work then you should have no problem installing one of these shade sails. We recommend you pick up a copy of our book DIY Shade, Shade sails Made Easy (100% refund when you purchase your sail) and read it before you start your project. It will help you avoid most of the common mistakes people make when installing their own shade sail.

What is the hardest part of installing a shade sail?

Digging the holes! Even for a moderately sized shade sail, the holes need to be around 1.2 metres deep.

How do I know how deep to make the holes and how big to make the poles?

Once you know how big you want your shade sail to be, contact us and we will give you engineering details on exactly how big to make the footings and what size the poles need to be.

Do I need Council permission?

If the shade sail will alter the street scape, is within a metre of your boundary, blocks the view of a neighbour, or is over around 12m2 then typically Yes but all Councils have different regulations and you should definitely check with your Local Council before proceeding.

What are the most common mistakes people make with shade sails?

  • Not talking to a professional company before they start. We get a lot of calls from people who have already installed shade sail poles which are way too small for the job. A simple call to us before hand could have saved a great deal of trouble (and money).
  • Not allowing for the tensioning. Often people purchase a sail that is 4.4x 6.0m and install their posts at 4.4 x 6.0m. This leaves no room for tensioning.
  • Not digging the holes deep enough which cause them to move when the first wind come along.

Can I use timber posts?

We don’t recommend it no. Timber is a natural product with knots and faults and no engineer would certify a timber post. Having said that, many DIY shade installers have decided to proceed with timber posts and had no problems.

Do you sell steel posts?

No but the sizes we recommend are readily available at a local steel cash and carry merchant.

Can I attach to the side of my house?

You need to be very careful here. We recommend against attaching any shadesail bigger than a 6m span to an existing structure unless it is a tilt slab. Many people do attach shade sails to their houses but they do-so with out any engineer certification. Brick walls are designed for bearing loads – i.e. pressing down, not to support a lateral load, i.e., pulling out. If the shade sail exerts to much pressure on a brick wall it can pull out bricks or even pull the wall down resulting in serious damage and perhaps even serious injury. For this reason, we recommend that shade sails should be installed with ‘poles in holes’. That way we can control the loadings and ensure everything will be safe and secure.

Can I attach a bracket to my roof?

Yes but with care and caution. We sell different types of rafter brackets for attaching shade sails to houses but care must be exercised as excess loadings can damage roof structures. The rule of thumb here is that small shade sails in sheltered areas can be attached to roof structures using brackets and fittings which are certified for the job.

How long with these shade sails last?

Sundance shade sails are made with Rainbow Z16 shade cloth which comes with a Pro Rata 10 year manufacturers warranty against UV degradation on the fabric. Cheaper shade sails use cheaper sewing threads and this is where they fall apart. We extend a 2 Year workmanship warranty on our shade sails.

Can you come out and install my shade sail for me?

Unfortunately, Shade Australia does not offer a Measure, Quote and Installation Service. These sails are designed for the DIY market.

What are your payment terms?

On all custom made and made to order products we request a 50% part payment to get the job started with the balance payable once the item has been manufactured and before dispatch.  

How long does it take for a shade sail to be made?

You should allow two weeks from sign-off of your shade sail until shipment. This is often longer during the busy summer months and shorter during winter.

Is the shade sail fire proof?

No. Shade sails are made from a polyethylene material which is petroleum based. Typically, if a shade sail catches fire it will smoulder and burn with black smoke. If it is not fanned by wind, typically the flame will naturally extinguish. There are fire resistant brands of shade cloth and we can use this material to manufacture your shade sail if required but there is a surcharge.


Is the shade sail waterproof?

Shade cloth sails are perfectly suited to protect your car or keep you in the shade but they are not waterpoof. Shadecloth is designed to reduce the temperature underneath and thus, is porous. If installed correctly, on an angle and very taut there will be some run off. Light to medium rain will mist through. Heavy rain will eventually drip through. We do not manufacture shade sails in waterproof shade cloth or in PVC.


Sundance Shade Sail Delivery

Your shade sail takes approximately two weeks to manufacture. Once we dispatch your shade sail, we email you the tracking number.  This allows you to log onto the couriers website (e.g. TNT) and track your delivery so you know when it is going to be delivered.

We ship this product Australia wide with reliable couriers such as TNT and Australia Post. 

Once we dispatch an order, we will email you the tracking number.  This allows you to track your delivery so you know when it is going to be delivered.

We do our best to ensure your order is packaged securely and arrives safely.

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend an address that has a safe spot to leave the item or there will need to be someone there to sign for the delivery.

Sundance Shade Sail Warranty

Sundance Warranty

Fabric: 10 Years pro rata against UV degradation.

Stitching thread: 5 Years pro rata against UV degradation.

Workmanship: 2 Years workmanship warranty


Shade Australia is proud to extend these warranties on behalf of the manufacturer. Manufacturers offer warranty as Pro rata meaning that it is a proportional warranty.  If for example, your shade sail fabric deteriorated after 7 years then the manufacturer, at their discretion, may reimburse you for three year’s loss of use.

Warranty covers the shade sail for use in normal conditions.  Shade sails are not warranted for damage caused in excessively strong winds or cyclones. They are not covered for damage caused by inadequate attachment points, falling branches or other accidents.  The warranty does not cover damage caused by wind, modification or misuse.  Should a warranty claim be made it is the responsibility of the customer to get the shade sail back to us or a repair depot which we designate.  The condition of the shade sail will be assessed and if it is a legitimate warranty claim, we will carry out the repairs at our cost and return the shade sail to you at our cost.  

Sundance Shade Sail In the box

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