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DIY Shade Sails - eBook

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Do it yourself Shade cloth Sails. An easy to follow Step-by-Step How To Manual showing you exactly how how the Pro's do it. Install your own DIY Shadesail and save a fortune!

This purchase is for the eBook only, you can find the hard copy here.

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This Book shows you, step-by-step how to install your very own shade sail and save a fortune.

Finally a STEP-BY-STEP manual for installing your very own Professional Quality Shade sail.

DIY Shade - Shade sails Made Easy! 

ABOUT THE BOOK This could be you! Our aim is to teach you the tricks that the pros use to install professional quality shade sails that look great, give high UV protective shade and reconnect you with the outdoors.

DIY Shade - Shadesails Made Easy was written by Andy McLeod, founder of Shade Australia. For over 16 Years, Andy has run a successful business designing, manufacturing and installing professional quality shade cloth sails. Over that time he has been involved with the installation of well over 1000 shade sails. As Andy says; 

"I've taken everything I've learned and summarised it into and easy to read, easy to apply manual that makes it easier than ever before for anyone to SIY a professional quality shadesail. I can tell you from first hand experience if you follow the step-by-step instructions in this book, you are going to end up with a shadesail that looks as good as these"

DIY Shade Sail

An Actual Example of a DIY Shade Sail 

Once you understand the principles of installing a Shade sail everything just falls into place. Dig the holes, drop in the poles, measure for sail and when it arrives, use turnbuckles to tension it up.

Another Actual Example of a DIY Shade Sail

This job was undertaken by a local committee. No-one had ever before installed a shade sail. Once they read the book they knew what size poles to buy and how deep to dig the holes. They sent the meassurements in to us, we made the sail and it fitted perfectly.

DIY Shade Sail

We also have the DIY Shade - Shadesails Made Easy available on this page HERE for download as a .pdf File. Order it now and within minutes you can be reading the book and getting ready to start your project. 


That's right. If you download a copy of DIY Shade, Shade sails made easy, or you order a hard copy in the mail, if after reading the book you go ahead and purchase a shade sail from us we'll refund the purchase price of this book.  


One thing this book works hard to cover is helping you to avoid the biggest mistakes most people make when they plan to install thier own shade sail. Here are just two of the most common mistakes most people make. 

Mistake Number 1: 

Not Planning Where The Shade Will Fall. 

Most people think that they should install the shade sail directly over their dining table or pool. That can be a big mistake.  You see the sun is constantly moving across the sky and as such, so is the shade. One of the most valuable things you can do is to work out in advance when you will be using the shade sail most so that you can plan where you want the s hade to fall when you're wanting it most. 


Mid Morning Shade Position Mid Day Shade Position Mid Afternoon Shade Position


Mistake Number 2: 

Installing Triangular Shade sails. 

Shade sails are made with curved edges. This is necessary for tensioning however, this curvature is greatly accentuated when it comes to triangular shade sails. Triangular shade sails may look cool but they give very little shade and run to long narrow points. Why go to all the trouble of installing a shade sail only to end up with a result that essentially doesn't work.   

The  shade sails below are a good examples of how little shade triangular shade sails provide. If you look closely, you'll see the shade sail on the right was installed in order to cover the outdoor table. As you can clearly see, it does a pretty poor job of providing shade over the families table. If the installer had only installed a forth attachment point he would have ended up with a great result but instead, he was very disappointed with all the time and money he invested.  


Long & Narrow Large Gaps between Sails Little Coverage

When it comes to installing DO IT YOURSELF professional quality shade sails, it's the simple things that make all the difference.  

The entire focus of this book has been to “keep it simple.” No complex jargon, just simple to follow, easy to understand tips and information to help you with project.  

Yes, we’ve touched on some more advanced designs such as Double Cross-overs, but these are’t the focus of the book. The main focus of “DIY Shade – Shadesails Made Easy” is how to plan and install proven designs such as the industry standard “Hypar Design” Shadesails.  Once you’ve got the knowledge and experience you can get as advanced as you like but if you’ve never installed a shadesail before then let this is handbook be your foundation. 

Is this DIY Shade book for You?

  • Have you ever thought about installing a shadesail but never knew where to start?
  • Have you ever wanted to create a beautiful cool shade area in your outside area but thought that it would cost to much?
  • Have you ever wondered how they make those shades looks so architecturally appealing?
  • Have you had a quote from a professional shade company and nearly had a heart attack when you saw the price?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions then the chances are, you could really benefit from ordering a copy of this book today.  


DIY Shade Chapter Summary

 In Summary, the information contained in DIY Shade Shadesails Made Easy is based on knowledge built up over decades and thousands of shadesail installations and just one tip alone such as how deep to dig the holes could save the heartache of having to re-do the entire job again after the first windstorm.

We've taken that charts and summarized them so it’s easy for YOU as a Do-it-Yourself Shadesail Installer to read and apply them.  They are right there in the book ready for you to use.  Just those charts alone are worth their weight in gold if you’re considering installing your own shadesail.  They will ensure that the work you go to won’t be wasted.  That when you install your own shadesail you will be able to reference a chart that gives you the correct specifications for columns and footings. 

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