Hog Rings and Pliers

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Hog Rings are designed (among other things) for fixing shadecloth to cable or wire with a maximum diameter of 6mm. New design Hog Ring Pliers are now even quicker and easier to use.

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Now it's easier than ever to attach shade cloth and other fabrics to fences with these new Hog-Ring Pliers and hog rings.

Hog Ring Pliers

These newly designed Hog Ring Pliers are fast and easy for virtually anyone to use. The pliers come with a self-loading magazine which pushes another hog ring into place as the previous one is used. Hog rings are sold in packs of 1000 clips per box.

The clips are 1.8mm thick and have a closure size of 5.8mm - 8.3mm depending on how hard you squeeze. Hog rings form a tight grip around the wire they are crimped onto. Their 1.9mm thickness gives a mid-level pressure making it possible for smaller hands to make the crimp. 


Hog Rings

Galvanised Hog Ring specifications.


  • Durable weather resistant construction
  • All parts available as spares
  • 1.8mm clip thickness
  • Closure size of 5.8mm- 8.3mm
  • Rubber coated handles


Bunch the shadecloth around the support cable leaving sufficient room for the Hog Ring to pass through several layers. Hold the Hog Ring Pliers at a 45-degree angle and squeeze until a complete circle is formed around the cable and through the cloth.  


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