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50% Fence mesh Suitable shade cloth for construction sites and building industry. Cuts visibility and dust. Strong shade cloth with button eyelets top and bottom. Wide range of colors.

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50% grade Fence Mesh is our mid-grade shade cloth for use in the building and construction industry. It cuts down visibility and dust around building sites and is widely used by builders and temporary fencing companies. It also does a good job as a windbreak. Buttonhole eyelets top and bottom make it quick and easy to attach to chain mesh fences. 

Fence Mesh is 100% knitted monofilament. Think of monofilament as being like fishing line. When it is knitted together it forms a fabric, in this case, shade cloth. 50% Shade Cloth Fence Mesh is lightweight and manufactured from UV stabilised HDPE. Knitted with a heavy-duty monofilament thread, this shade cloth comes with a 5 Year UV Degradation Warranty making it built to last. Designed especially for the fencing industry to help with vision blockage and dust reduction.

Buttonhole eyelets top and bottom make this product well suited to attach to chain mesh fences. Simply use cable ties to slip through the fabric and around the wire.

30% Fencing Shade cloth 50% Fencing Shade cloth 70% Fencing Shade cloth
30% Fencing Shade cloth 50% Fencing Shade cloth 70% Fencing Shade cloth

Compare the various grades of Fence mesh below. The 30% is very open-knit, the 50% is a more tightly knitted fabric and the 70% is very tightly knitted. Depending on your requirements for visibility and dust suppression you can select the fence mesh which best suits your needs. 


  • Nominal 50% shade
  • 1.83m wide x 50m long rolls
  • Button hole eyelets top and bottom
  • 5 year Manufacturers Warranty against UV degradation – Pro rata


  • 1.83m wide x 50m long
  • 150gsm or grams per metre squared
  • Total roll is approx 13.7kgs


50% fence mesh is available in various colours.


50% fence mesh can be fitted to chain link fencing using cable ties. 


When ordering your shade cloth make sure you have all the right accessories to get the job done. These include;


50% Fence Mesh is a widely used shade cloth product to cut visibility, wind and suppress dust in the building and construction industries. We carry good stocks of most colours and can dispatch one or many rolls to your location as required.

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The 70% Fence and Scaf Mesh comes with a 5 Year Pro Rata Wwarranty against UV Degradation.

How heavy is a roll?

Roll: 1.83m wide x 50m weights approx. 12kgs - 50% Fence and Scaf Mesh is nominal 120gsm +/-

How do I cut shade cloth?

We recommend using a shade cloth cutter. They are available on this website. Shade Australia can also slice some rolls to customers’ requirements. Call us today to discuss your requirements.

Will it create a visual block on my fence so people can’t see in?

To a degree yes. It cuts visibility down but doesn’t completely block it out. If you need higher visual block, our Universal 90% is much better. We also have other products which completely block out the view however, they also stop all the wind which can cause fences to become unstable and even blow over in the wind.

Will it fray if I cut it?

No. It is a knitted fabric and uses a lock stitch construction. The cut edge will be raw but it will not unravel.

Is it waterproof?

No. It will dissipate some rain but most will run through.

Will the colour fade?

The fabric is colour fast however over the longer term some slight fading can occur when the fabric has been constantly exposed to environments of high UVR.

What’s the difference between Premium Standard and Budget Fence shade cloth?

Premium is the heaviest grade with a nominal shade factor of 70%. Standard has a 50% nominal shade and Budget has a 30%.

What’s the warranty?

5 Years Pro rata against UV Degradation.