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Bird Net is a knitted fabric for covering valuable fruit trees and crops to protect them from bird damage. It is harmless to birds and provides a strong barrier.

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Bird Net is designed to keep birds and bats out of valuable crops, preventing the expensive losses that can occur. Bird Net can be used on a permanent structure or can be applied as a reusable drape-over net. Bird Net is very easy to install and retrieve at the end of the season if need be.

Our Bird Net is a high quality knitted monofilament mesh netting and although it is light weight it is extremely strong. The 16mm hole size is small enough to keep any bird or bat out.


  • Used for fruit trees, orchards, and other flora
  • Drape over trees
  • Tension over large areas
  • White colour provides a nominal 10% UV rating
  • Black colour provides a nominal 15% UV rating


  • 5 x 100m - White and Black (40gsm)
  • 10 x 100m  - White and Black (40gsm)


Rolls are available in black or white.  


Please note: The product does stretch and final sizes may vary +/- 10%.

Our Bird Net is made to a very high standard and is UV stabilised for long life. It is a low cost way to protect valuable crops from flying pests such as bats and birds.  

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Bird Net Product Specifications
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What is Bird Net?

Bird Net is a knitted monofilament fabric designed to be draped or stretched over trees or other crops to prevent damage caused by bats and birds. 

How do I cut it?

With a pair of sharp scissors or a shade cloth cutter.

How long will it last?

The lighter grade Bird Net has a 5 Year UV warranty and the heavier grade has a 10 year warranty. All warranties are pro rata.

Is it waterproof?


What colours does it come in?

Lighter grades come in white only. Heavier grades come in black or white.

How long until you can ship me a roll?

We stock most of the smaller rolls at our Sydney warehouse. We need to order the larger rolls in which can take 5-7 working days approximately.

Can I pick it up?

Of course. We always recommend calling ahead so that we can have your order packed and ready for collection.

This product has a 10 Year Warranty

All fabric warranties are pro rata.