Extended Double Warranty Offer – Claim Form


Congratulations on taking advantage of this Special Extended Warranty Offer.

Please complete this form to qualify for the Double Manufacturer’s Warranty on your new Savannah or Lynden purchased between 1 September and 31 December 2016.

Your details will be entered in our data-base for future reference.

This offer is to extend the standard manufacturer’s warranty of 12 months on the Savannah Umbrella Frame and the Lynden Umbrella Frame to 24 months from date of purchase. It does not apply to related products including accessories such as the Resin Base or LED Light or Cover. The terms of this warranty are related to manufacturing and workmanship faults only. Note, the O’Bravia fabric has a three year guarantee.

This extended warranty covers the frame only. As with the standard 12 month Warranty the Extended 24 month Warranty does not apply to damage caused by wind, incorrect usage including failure to lower or remove the goods from installation in high or gusty winds or severe weather as well as all other exclusions stated under Shade Australia’s Standard Trading Terms https://www.shadeaustralia.com.au/trading-terms

Special Extended Warranty Offer

Please complete this form to quality for the Extended Warranty on your new Umbrella.
  • Please select the Umbrella for which you want to claim double warranty.