Domestic Shade Cloth 70% 5m Handy Pack

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Minimise wastage with these Extra Handy Packs of 70% Domestic Shadecloth. Rolls are 5m long x 1.83m high. Easy to use, won't rip or tear, 100's of uses around the home.

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Domestic 70% handy packs of shade cloth are short enough to get the job done and minimise wastage. At 5 metres long x 1.83m High there are literally hundreds of uses around the home for this shade cloth. 


  • Medium Grade Shade cloth
  • Suited to general applications around the home
  • 150 GSM (grams per square metre)
  • 10 year Manufacturers Warranty against UV degradation
  • 5m rolls


Domestic 70% shade cloth is suitable for a wide range of applications such as fixing onto structures such as pergolas, fences, as well as shadeing plants and pets.   Domestic 70% is a high quality fabric that is easy to use. It can be attached to wood, wire or other materials using Fixing Pins or Butterfly Clips. Handypacks are also available in also available in the higher grade 90% Grade shade cloth.

This fabric is NOT suitable for applications where tensioning is applied such as shade-sails as it may exhibit stretching over time. Shade factors are nominal and may vary.


This shade cloth is available in rolls of 1.83m wide x 5m long. We do not sell cut lengths of shadecloth fabric.


 Black  Dark Green  Sandstone


  • This shade cloth is a quality knitted shade cloth containing tape fillers. That is why it is not suibable for tension applications such as shade sails or use in high wind applications or situtations. 
  • It has a weight of 150gsm (grams per square metre).
  • Shade factors have been tested but can vary from approximately 64-70%. 


This shade cloth has a 10 Year Pro rata Warranty against UV Degradation.  


When ordering your shade cloth make sure you have all the right accessories to get the job done. These include;

  • UV stabilised cable ties
  • Butterfly clips
  • Hog rings and Hog ring pliers
  • Shade cloth cutter
  • Holdon Midi clips 


Domestic 70% shadecloth is suitable for a wide range of applications around the home. It is sold as a general purpose product and has many roles to play in creating a shaded envorinment for people, pets and plants around the home. If you require further information then give us a call during normal business hours on Free-call 1800 155 233.

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10 Years Pro rata against UV Degradation