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Concrete bases are a popular alternative to steel. They are heavy and hardwearing. The concrete has been given a lacquer finish to beautify and protect.

PLEASE NOTE: Concrete bases do not have handles. 

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Concrete umbrella baseplates are a popular alternative to steel. They are heavy and hardwearing. The concrete has been given a lacquer finish to beautify and protect. The central spigot is powdercoated steel. 


  • Strong central spigot
  • Inset handles for lifting the baseplate (2 people)
  • Compressed concrete construction with a black protection layer
  • Adjustable side screw
  • Available in black
  • Multiple spigot adapters to accommodate various umbrella pole sizes
  • Suitable for use with Brolly Trolley™
  • Our Favourite FeatureThe Price


  Size in CM Weight in KG Suits Umbrella Pole Size Shape Colour
Small 49cm Dia. 16kg 38-41mm dia. Round Black
Medium 50cm Dia. 25kg 35-40-48mm dia. Round Black
Large 50cm Dia. 30kg 35-40-48mm dia. Round Black



We recommend that when you purchase movable baseplates for your umbrella that you consider purchasing a Brolly Trolley™. This makes it safe and easy to move your umbrella and base around without any heavy lifting.

Moving a café or market umbrella around is part of the appeal of this style of umbrella but…umbrellas are heavy and umbrella baseplates are even heavier! No one wants to unnecessarily lift these heavy items around and potentially injure themselves. That’s where the Brolly Trolley comes in. This Aussie made trolley simply slips under the baseplate of the umbrella and then by tilting the umbrella back toward you, you can simply and safely wheel the umbrella and base to the location you need it. No heavy lifting, just a safe and easy way to relocate your umbrella. 

Simply slide the trolley under the base, tilt the trolley backwards and the base can be easily moved. Suitable for use with our without the umbrella in the baseplate. 

If you are using this umbrella baseplate to secure umbrellas in breezy conditions we strongly recommend that you add additional weight to it with the use of use with vinyl weight bags. Vinyl weight bags will add additional weight and increase these baseplates’ stability.


We will ship this item to you, however, we prefer customers to pick up these baseplates from our warehouse in person as shipping them with couriers can result in mishandling and chipping of the corners as the courier companies use conveyor belts to move items. As the concrete base drops from one conveyor belt to the next it can break in half despite heavy duty packaging. If you live a great distance from Sydney it may be best to consider a steel base.

What makes an umbrella stable in breezy conditions is the weight and stability of its mounting. if you plan to use these baseplates to secure umbrellas in breezy conditions we recommend that you purchase additional weight bags to increase the overall stability. Always match the right sized umbrella to the right sized baseplate. If you are not sure about which base to match with which umbrella, contact our friendly staff for advice. 


This product is available to order directly online. If you require additional information don't hesitate to contact us here or call during normal business hours on Freecall on 1800 155 233.

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Shelta bases have a 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty. This does not include misuse or if the base was dropped or physically damaged in any way.