Leading Outdoor Umbrellas for 2016

Spending some time in the outdoors is always a pleasant thing to do. But when the sun is up and shining bright, doing do may be a bit more difficult. So, the best way to enjoy some time in your garden, at the pool, or anywhere you would like, an outdoor umbrella is the best investment you can make. Here is the list of the best outdoor umbrellas for the coming hot season, which are reliable, of the best quality and have modern designs.

Shelta Savannah Outdoor Umbrella

Made out of the best available O’Bravia canvas, which ensure the umbrella an extended resistance, and an aluminum frame, for flexibility and mobility, this outdoor umbrella deserves to be on top of the list. It can rotate at a 360, and it is extremely easy to operate. It comes in various sizes, shapes and colors, all you need to do is to pick the one that suits your needs, and tastes, best.

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“Sunranger” Cafe Umbrella – Soho

As the name is suggesting, this is an umbrella perfect for cafés, restaurants and private use. They are large enough to keep your shaded but light enough to ensure an easy maneuverability. The canvas is of the best quality, maintaining their bright colors even after long periods outside. You can choose a square or octagonal shape, in various colors.

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Shelta Lynden Cantilever Umbrella

Another modern looking umbrella that can fit any patio, pool deck, garden and so on. It has the best ratio between price and quality, considering the features it offers. The umbrella can rotate at a 360, has a foot lock, a reliable tilt lock and a comfortable to use winder, for operating it. Just pick the color you prefer most.

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Shelta Asta Wind Rated Cantilever Umbrella

You will love this versatile umbrella. It can tilt in numerous positions, the materials used for its manufacture are the best you can get, and it is so sturdy that it can hold on even on winds of 60 km/h. And when you have it close, you have a waterproof cover to keep it protected. The fabric is extremely durable and resistant to fading.

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Shelta Seville Large Timber Umbrella

An incredibly sturdy umbrella, even if it has a wooden frame. It has a large canopy, ready to protect you from the sun whenever you need, made out of Olefin, a very resistant material. You will love the design, modern and elegant, exactly what you need to keep safe outdoor at all times. Also, the wood is treated appropriately, for resistance in time.

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If you want an environmental friendly umbrella, you will enjoy this model. Made out of bamboo, the umbrella is light but sturdy enough. A pole is one single pole of bamboo, to eliminate any weak spots and increase its resistance. The rope system, created for operating the umbrella, is made for an easy management, regardless of its size. Also, the umbrella is made in such a manner to allow parts replacement easy, without the need to change the entire item.

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