The Best Commercial Umbrellas of 2018

The Best Commercial Umbrellas of 2018

Commercial Umbrellas are designed to be harder-wearing and stronger than typical market umbrellas and for our 2018 list, we have selected a variety of different styles to encompass a wide range of needs.

Why Buy A Commercial Umbrella?

Commercial umbrellas are often in situations where they are more likely to be damaged, so the umbrellas in this list all have easily interchangeable parts. This means that a broken arm does not need to mean having to buy a whole new umbrella.

On top of their robust nature, commercial umbrellas can be printed with custom logos which shows off your branding while keeping customers out of the rain or sun.

What to look for in a Commercial Umbrella.

The canopy of the umbrella is a very important aspect when making a choice, as the most suitable fabric will vary with the job it needs to do. It may be exposed to sunlight for long periods of time, or have to sustain a large volume of rain, and the best material for the job can vary vastly. You should also be wary of fabrics that do not have a fade-resistant warranty, as this means that they will be very susceptible to UV rays and will fade quickly for a less than impressive display.

The size of the umbrella is also very important and needs to be carefully considered. Take into account the space you have to work with, and the different canopy shapes that are available with the umbrella you're interested in. The opening mechanism is also quite important- commercial umbrellas should be easy to use to minimise breakages.

Check Out Shade Australia's Top Commercial Umbrellas for 2018

Hurricane Premium Parasol

Hurricane Premium Parasol

The Hurricane Premium Parasol is reknown as one of the finest aluminium umbrellas in the world, with every aspect of its frame carefully designed to culminate in an umbrella that delivers style and luxury in a minimalistic way. The canopy is made with premium fabric and includes interlocking profiles to strengthen the ribs. 

Starting from: $828.75


Café Courtyard Umbrella Range

Cafe and Courtyard Umbrella

The Australian-made Café & Courtyard Umbrella range offers premium quality and a large variety of canopies and colours which is suitable for screen-printing. With reinforced arm extrusions for extra strength, a large wind vent for safety, and interchangeable parts, this commercial umbrella ticks many boxes for a great result.

Starting from: $1,895.00


Sunranger Café Umbrellas


 Sunranger Cafe Umbrellas

Sunranger Café Umbrellas are designed to look great and be strong enough to endure the everyday rigour of commercial use. They are lightweight and suitable for logo printing, and they offer stunning value for your money's worth.

Starting from: $295.00


Italian Piazza Heavy Duty - Acrylic Canopy

Italian Piazza Heavy Duty

The Italian Piazza is a wind-rated architectural umbrella that is hand-made to order with strong-working and fade-resistant Outdoor Acrylic canvas. It boasts great strength against everyday usage and the wind, and is well-known across Australia for its ease of operation. 

Starting from: $4,145.00


 FibreSun Umbrellas

  FibreSun Umbrellas


 The FibreSun umbrella looks and feels like wood but is actually made with fibreglass, which improves its strength and eliminates the risk of the umbrella degrading like timber. It is also lighter than real timber, but is easily able to handle commercial use due to the flexibility of the fireglass. 

Starting from: $295.00


Italian Piazza Commercial - PVC Canopy

Italian Piazza Commercial

The Italian Piazza Commercial Umbrella has many similarities with the Italian Piazza Heavy Duty, but the main difference is the use of PVC canvas for the canopy rather than acrylic. This is a popular option for restaurant and cafes when a white canopy is required, is fully waterproof, and blocks 100% of UV rays. 

Starting from: $4,405.00

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