Great shade structure for patios

Great shade structure for patios

Patio Shade Structures

The sun can be uncomfortable and can cause your items to heat up. It can also cause skin cancer. When you normally think of artificial shade from the sun you will think of an umbrella. Many businesses and people think of umbrellas as somewhat tacky though. They look like something typical. Very few people think of getting a shade structures though. These offer a stylish option for decorating your property whether it is a house or commercial property.

Solarmax shade structures are the most well-known shade structures. They have four posts and a standard canopy that stretches between the posts on a frame. These can be either bolted down or stuck into the ground with stakes. Solarmax structures are easy to set up and are often very durable, especially when bolted down.

A sail shadecloth is a great shade structure for patios. It can be attached to bolts that are screwed into a wall or posts. A shade is tied from four different sides and stretched out over the desired area. Most commonly the shade is slanted down slightly so that it will protect from sun at certain times of the day. These can be bright colored and if you have more than one area that needs to be covered you can vary the colors for some extra style.


Sometimes standard shade sails that are square aren’t right for you. That is why you can get custom shade sails in a variety of different sizes and shapes. If you want to cover a very long area you can get a rectangular one. If you also want to cover a corner of a building, fence, or another area you can get a triangular sun shade sail. Mounting these works the same way as a standard sun sail except if you have a long rectangular sun sail you will need middle supports.

Retractable awnings are popular among many people. They are great for covering patios, porches, or other areas. The most durable awnings are the ones that have arms that fold out when the awning is extended the arms support the shade. The best part about these is that when the weather starts to be bad or at night you can just retract the awning.

There are two different options for opening and closing your retractable awning. A crank option is cheaper but it means that you have to crank the mechanism until it is fully opened or closed. Electronic retractable mechanisms allow you to press a button and the awning will open itself. It comes down to cost and convenience.

No matter what kind of sun shade structure you decide that you want there are plenty of options. You can get the shade in a variety of colors depending on the type of structure that you order. With almost any order you can custom request a specific color that you want.

While setting up a sun sails or a stake based shade structures are the easiest options all of the shade structures are fairly easy to install. Some people have reported that their kids have set up the structures before even getting a chance to get home for the day. Retractable awnings are the only option that might need professional installation. It depends on the type of siding you have and your comfortability with tools.

If a shade structure doesn’t sound right for you, you can always go with an umbrella or a mix of the two. With the two main options Shade Australia has the options that you need to keep your property cool.

Finding the right way to shade your home or business can be painstaking if you don’t know all the facts but now that you do it is simple. You will be able to decide whether a shade or a structure is right for you and make the purchase that you need to. May you forever be shaded from the sun and live healthy.

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