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Outdoor Living

Umbrella for Outdoor Living

Looking to improve your outdoor living space? One way you can do this is with a rectangular patio umbrella. Here’s what you need to know about this type of umbrella and what to look for before you buy.

Measure and Make Sure

Before you modify your outdoor living space with a rectangular patio umbrella, you need to ensure that the space you have is enough for the umbrella. The umbrella will expand out a great deal and you’ll need the room on your deck area or other outside area to hold this type of umbrella. You should measure the entire deck area to ensure you can fit your umbrella there. This type of umbrella isn’t designed for a small deck or patio as it’s simply too big so you will need to go with another option.


Color and Style

You should also decide on the color and style of the umbrella that you want. There are many colors and styles when it comes to rectangular patio umbrellas, so you’ll need to conduct a little research to find the right style for your needs. Most people will want a color that matches the décor of their outdoor area. You may also want to buy an entire set as you won’t have to worry about tings not matching up but that is up to you. Due to the size of this type of umbrella it’s often a good one to put near the pool as it can shade a bit of the pool area too as well as provide a comfortable place to relax near the pool and make a total outdoor living space for you and your family.


Look for a rectangular patio umbrella that’s made of good quality materials and one that’s easy to fold up when you don’t plan to use it any longer.  You wan to spend some money on your umbrella as a poor one simply isn’t going to provide you with a lot of use out of it. You need one that can withstand a wind or a rain storm and not fall apart on you. Look for ones that have some sort of weather protection guarantee.

Solid Base

For your outdoor living space you want to ensure that your rectangular patio umbrella has good solid base. You don’t want an umbrella that has a poor base as it won’t be able to withstand the weather and wind. Make sure the bas is heavy enough and that the umbrella fastens well to the stand.

Take Your Time

Spend some time and do a little research before you buy your rectangular patio umbrella for your outdoor living space. You want to ensure that you get a good umbrella. Be prepared to spend a bit of money for your umbrella as they can cost quite a bit. You want to buy one that is made with quality materials and has a good base too. If you follow these tips you’ll get a good rectangular patio umbrella to meet your needs.

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