2015's Outdoor Living Trends

2015's Outdoor Living Trends

2015's Outdoor Living Trends

Our models of shades are designed in a way that makes them easy to install and operate. Since there are different types of yards and situations when you need shades and some people want their shades to match their exterior we are constantly working on providing new models that will suit anyone’s needs and requirements. Those who want to have umbrellas that are following the latest trends in the world of fashion and they also want to make their shades be the most visible part of the exterior should look for some of our outdoor designer shade umbrellas. Shelta Petal Designer Umbrellas are a good example of that. They have the perfect size for almost any space and in addition to their beautiful design they also have improved arms and handles which makes them very durable. These classy umbrellas are perfect for women that want to look classy when they are outside.

Fashion Umbrellas

People who want to look elegant regardless of the weather outside should look for white lace wedding parasol or Clifton single frill umbrella. These umbrellas are the perfect elegant solution for rainy days, but even more than the sun is shining bright. The second model uses satin frill parasol while the other one comes in a white timeless colour. They are both very easy to open and fold.


Australia outdoor living area can be enriched thanks to some of these shade umbrellas in our offer. The LED umbrella light is a perfect add-on for any umbrella you have. You don’t need to use any cords in order to mount it on your standard umbrella. Once it is turned on it distributes the light evenly and you can place the umbrella anywhere you need light. It comes with 24 LED globes and four reflectors and it runs on AA batteries (3 batteries). But, it’s not just our private areas that need protection from the sun. Many businesses especially restaurants and cafes need the help of umbrellas and other similar items. That’s why we have introduced our café series – commercial type of umbrellas that are suitable for every business in this field.

LED Light

The Café Series market umbrella is a really durable and simple umbrella that can be combined with any type of furniture. Business owners can also use the logo screen print option in order to personalize these umbrellas. In addition we have the Café Series Market Umbrella 2.m cream which is able to cover a slightly larger area and it comes with a brighter cream colour.


These are only some of the most popular outdoor living shades for 2015 found in our offer.

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