Garden Umbrellas 2014

Garden Umbrellas 2014

Perfect Garden Variety Umbrellas!

The backyard and garden are the places perfect for relaxing, entertaining and more. A patio umbrella protects you from the sun and complement casual seating sets. Garden umbrellas provide enough shade for your family to gather in your garden to enjoy the day. You can make your garden an inviting outdoor place for your family and friends. Seville umbrella is one of the famous large garden umbrellas. Garden umbrellas help you to make your better even in hot sunny day. Outdoor umbrellas can make you enjoy the season even more, regardless of whether it is spring or fall.

Garden Umbrellas Fairlight

The Fairlight

The fairlight is one of the quality and practical garden umbrella with a silver anodized finish. It is very easy to use collar tilt feature in this garden umbrella. This is very effective and attractive garden umbrella at a mid price; this makes it an ideal umbrella. Its common features include: collar tilt feature, winder handle, mid price point and available in more than two sizes. The fairlight is available in 10 different and unique colors.

The vibrant Rio is the unique and stylish garden umbrella available in the market. It brightens up your life with many colors. It has a black frame and easy opening system. It comes with the features, which are: push button tilt feature, sleek black aluminum frame and four vibrant colors. The major advantage of having this vibrant Rio, it has two piece black aluminum poles which provide effective sun protection from the sun at all times a day and available in ones size and shape only 2.7m in octagonal.

 The bay view is new design garden umbrella. Its features are flexible, easy to use tilt feature, wind up mechanism, 2m*3m rectangular size, aluminum frame and great budget price. It comes in only one color; versatile natural polyester color. The tilt feature works by a simple push button release. Open and close is an easy winder handle. The bay view comes in only 2*3m rectangular size.

Revolva Shade

The large garden umbrella is fully Australian made, which has become the most useable umbrella with thousands of installation across the country. This garden umbrella has given great flexibility in terms of size, shape, frame color and fabric color. It is suitable for large garden in the homes or in the restaurants. This Large wind-rated umbrella represents excellent value and is the umbrella of choice for those looking for a high quality structure.

Its feature includes: fully Australian made, engineer wind rated, power coated aluminum frame and no surcharge for wide variety of colors.

Each and every umbrella is made to your exact specifications. In year 2014, many unique and colorful designs are available in markets to fulfil the needs of the customers because customers are increasing day by day.

At Shade Australia we have a great range of Garden Umbrellas 2014

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