World Class Resort and Commercial Umbrella

World Class Resort and Commercial Umbrella

The “Hurricane” by Bambrella® represents the finest range of umbrellas available anywhere in the world. Engineered in the United Kingdom to the very highest standards, this superb range of umbrellas will meet the requirements of the most discerning customer.

Hurricane Umbrellas

The umbrella itself has been designed specifically for commercial operators such as resorts, restaurants and hotels however the umbrella would also suit customers looking for a high-end and beautifully refined umbrella for their home.

A Registered Design on the interlocking profile system makes these umbrellas one of the strongest available. Fittings are stainless steel and anodised aluminium. Features which stand out include the Mirror Trims on the underside of the arms. Not only do they create a visually stunning effect but they act as stiffeners to add extra strength to the overall frame. This is important considering that the umbrella has been tested in a wind tunnel to withstand winds of 108km/h*. Another feature which adds strength to the frame is the way the central pole has been extruded. Along its full length, four symmetrical ridges significantly add to both the aesthetic and strength. Strategically-fitted gussets are also installed inside the main pole and arm sections to add additional strength to the points which take the greatest stresses.

Resort Umbrellas

The fabric used for the Hurricanes canopy is also of a very high grade. Hurricanes come with Fade resistant “Spuncrylic®” canvas which is a solution dyed, water resistant and has a UPF of 50+. Customers also have the option of having canopies made from Sunbrella® which is regarded as the premium outdoor umbrella fabric in the world. Both fabrics are suitable for screen printing.

The Hurricane comes in in six sizes from the smaller 2.1m square right up to the very large 4.0m Octagonal. It is of course important when installing an umbrella of this size and strength that a suitably strong base system be used. Hurricane is suitable for movable baseplates, bolt-down and in-ground installation. 

The Hurricane, stands as one of the most refined and thoughtfully-designed umbrellas available anywhere in the world. Shade Australia, the exclusive distributor in Australia holds a wide range of sizes, colours and options for installation and can provide whatever technical information specifiers, architects and customers require.

  • 3m Octagonal Umbrella tested in wind tunnel under University conditions.

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