Best Patio Umbrellas for 2022

Best Patio Umbrellas for 2022

Patio umbrellas are also known as market umbrellas or centrepost as their key identifying factor is the pole in the middle of the frame which makes them wind resistant outdoor umbrellas. There are many factors when it comes to choosing the best patio umbrella for home and domestic use, but wind resistance and UV protection are two of the most important and as such have influenced the umbrellas chosen here.

The best wind resistant patio umbrella would have to be the 2.1m Sunranger Café Series Umbrella, which is also one of the more heavy duty umbrellas found on this list. This umbrella series comes in many sizes and all are strong enough for this umbrella to be a best seller among both private and commercial customers. The best part about this umbrella isn’t the huge range of colours available, or the lightweight and rust resistant two-piece pole, but the ability of the 2.1m square small outdoor umbrella to withstand gusts without needing to be collapsed and secured. The large array of colours range from the more popular patio umbrella colours of neutral and natural tones like calico, flagstone, and dark grey, to bright and vibrant colours for those who like a pop of lime or turquoise, for example.

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Another of the more heavy duty wind resistant patio umbrella series is the Hurricane Premium Parasol by Bambrella, which is also available in a variety of sizes. This umbrella is a beautifully crafted piece suitable in domestic and commercial situations with marine grade hardware and an aluminium frame featuring mirror-finished ribs. The Hurricane’s exquisite design is one of the main reasons it appears on this list, the other being proof of its commercial grade wind resistance through wind tunnel testing of up to 100km/hour! This umbrella series also features a high-quality Spuncrylic canopy which has the highest UV protection currently available at UPF50+ as well as rain resistance! This umbrella is perfect for modern and stylish patio shade seekers as well as backyard entertainers and those looking for the perfect poolside umbrella.

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The Shelta Bayview is a great choice for a domestic umbrella because of its unique 2x3m canopy, which is a popular size for a patio umbrella as it’s big enough for shade, but not so big that it is unwieldy. It also features a tilting canopy at the press of a button and a wind up open and close mechanism instead of rope and pulley. This is a fantastic type of patio umbrella for any backyard and will easily go through a table or stand alone. The canopy is made from polyester so it is not as durable as others on this list such as the Sunranger Café or Bambrella, but it still blocks 93-95% UV and has a great price considering its many features. The Shelta Bayview is an impressive rectangle outdoor umbrella for the backyard, dining area, or pool side.

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Many of these patio umbrellas so far have had an aluminium frame – and these are mostly a winning option when it comes between wood or aluminium patio umbrellas as they are much easier to upkeep, but a timber umbrella can give a patio a rustic, natural, or warm cottage atmosphere and just can’t be beaten aesthetically. The Sunranger Tuscan Umbrella is a new series available from Shade Australia which effortlessly creates a natural vibe with a choice of neutral UPF50+ polyester canopy colours and a beautiful beech pole in two shapes. The wood from this patio umbrella is also sustainably sourced which is fantastic! The wood look resin hub and runner matches the umbrella perfectly and adds durability, which means that the Tuscan is also a commercial grade wind resistant patio umbrella, perfect for outdoor dining thanks to its easy to store two-piece pole.

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The Bambrella Bamboo Umbrella has unparalleled strength and flexibility when it comes to timber umbrellas. Made using sustainable bamboo with marine grade fittings, this umbrella is not only beautiful but versatile- able to suit domestic patios and outdoor dining areas, and available in a large variety of shapes and sizes. This is a premium patio umbrella which is reflected in the elegant engineered design and UV stabilised Spuncrylic canopy which is UPF50+, fade resistant, and highly water resistant. The versatility of the Bambrella also means that it would be suitable in both a mobile base or installed as a permanent outdoor umbrella due to its strength, though it is always recommended to keep the umbrella collapsed when not in use and covered with a protection cover in order to make any umbrella last longer. The Bambrella is a great choice for a wind resistant umbrella in Australia whether it be on a city patio or in an al fresco dining area.
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The Shelta Fairview is a beautifully functional parasol which is available in two appropriate sizes for a backyard patio umbrella! The 38mm rust resistant aluminium pole should fit through any table and the open and close winder is easy enough for anyone to use. This umbrella is perfect for shade at home with a collar-tilt mechanism at table-level which makes it easy to tilt the umbrella wherever it needs to go. On top of these great features, it has a UPF50+ O’Bravia Canopy that will block 98% of UV and last for years which is available in a variety of neutral, dark, and bold colours to suit any backyard, entertainment area, or pool area.

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In summary, many of these umbrellas could be the best outdoor umbrella for wind in Australia depending on the location and how it will be used. They are highly recommended for backyard and patio shade in a domestic scenario.