Best Commercial Grade Outdoor Umbrellas for Restaurants

Best Commercial Grade Outdoor Umbrellas for Restaurants

Commercial Umbrellas for Outdoor Restaurants

An outdoor umbrella can change the look of a commercial business, café, or restaurant into an inviting and modern outdoorspace for customers. The appearance of a commercial umbrella is crucial because they are an outside reflection of a business’ choices and aspirations to the people they are coming into contact with. It’s important to understand that though they may look similar on the outside, a commercialgrade umbrella is engineered with higher-grade materials to be stronger and hardier than domestic or market umbrellas and for that reason, most of them are established with a centre pole and feature easily replaceable parts. There are many commercial grade outdoor umbrellas that have their own strong points and include the potential to turn a shade solution into advertising space as most of them are well-suited to being printed with a name or logo on the canopy, or have the ability to be printed on a valance.


The current most heavyduty commercial outdoor umbrella is the Italian Piazza which is available in a variety of colours in PVC and Acrylic canopies, and is featured in restaurants and cafes Australia wide. This wind rated architectural umbrella is constructed with a structural aluminium mast and stainless steel fittings for a long, problem-free service life. Everything about this umbrella, from the opening and closing mechanism to its reinforced arms, has been designed to make it easy to use and difficult to break with an incredible resistance to wind. This umbrella was labelled the most heavy duty commercial umbrella due to its ability to be left open in strong winds which makes it a perfect ‘set and forget’ umbrella for maximum effect and minimum stress: it doesn’t need to be opened and closed daily, and due to its strength it needs to be bolted down – so there’s no time wasted wheeling it about or deciding where to put to put it either. These are the ultimate commercial outdoor umbrellasbecause they are custom-made to order, and tailored to aesthetically suit any space perfectly, which will keep the customer beneath it cool, dry, and happy to enhance their experience.


If an umbrella doesn’t need to be or cannot be bolted into the ground, then the Hurricane Premium Parasol is the next best outdoor shade umbrella. It can be bolted down or used with a mobile base and it has a state of the art frame thathas been designed for wind resistance and elegance.The Hurricane Premium Parasol is a perfect combination of hard-wearing and highly polished engineering with a strong aluminium centre post, stainless steel fittings, and interlocking arms, which makes it a very strong umbrella that is well-suited to commercial spaces all around Australia from hotels to café storefronts and restaurants. This unique range of umbrellas features a reinforced mast and arms with mirror finishes, which add a sense of style while also strategically strengthening the frame of the umbrella to create a trustworthy and reliable piece of equipment that will impress clients for years. The canvas which is made with Premium Spuncrylic fabric has high UV protection with a UPF 50+ rating, and is also highly water-resistant, making it a great choice for any and all weather.This umbrella comes with a contemporary oval finial which can be upgraded to an aluminium Yacht styled finial.


For an affordable, hard-working shade solution, it’s difficult to go past the next best commercial umbrella range on the market. The Sunranger Café Series has been designed expressly for daily commercial use and is aversatileoption for a café or commercial patio area such as an outdoor eating area, poolside, or courtyard. As the frame has been designed usinglightweight aluminium, this umbrella is optimised for use with a mobile base, but it can also be bolted down or installed inground as it has a strong and rustproof frame. The Sunranger Café umbrella range is available in three sizes and they are a great option for promotional printing as the canopy is manufactured with a high-quality, fade-resistant acrylic canvas with many customisable options. This umbrella is the staple piece for many outdoor settings and is available in a large variety of colours, all of which are colourfast. The Sunranger has been designed with interchangeable parts to minimise upkeep costs and a safety locking pin to ensure that the umbrella cannot accidentally collapse, which is an ideal feature in commercial umbrellas in restaurants or cafes.