1. Shade Australia’s List of Best Market Umbrellas of 2021

    Shade Australia’s List of Best Market Umbrellas of 2021

    Market umbrellas are a versatile shade option that can be used to complement the style of a home backyard, to add value to a property, or to create a welcoming invitation for customers. They are also a practical and valuable way to add to the atmosphere of a café or restaurant. These umbrellas are usually octagonal, or round, but they can also be square or hexagonal and can range from 2.1m to 4.3m wide. Market umbrellas always have a centre pole and are not to be confused with cantilever umbrellas (or offset umbrellas) which have the pole to the side – these types of umbrellas are not usually suitable for commercial use as their asymmetrical design makes them susceptible to wind damage. Many market umbrellas share similar features, but not all are created equal. While this is not necessarily a bad thing as every customer has different needs, it’s important to understand what makes a market umbrella stand out from the hundreds of others available. The following are the best market um

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