1. The Best Commercial Umbrellas of 2018

    The Best Commercial Umbrellas of 2018

    Commercial Umbrellas are designed to be harder-wearing and stronger than typical market umbrellas and for our 2018 list, we have selected a variety of different styles to encompass a wide range of needs.

    Why Buy A Commercial Umbrella?

    Commercial umbrellas are often in situations where they are more likely to be damaged, so the umbrellas in this list all have easily interchangeable parts. This means that a broken arm does not need to mean having to buy a whole new umbrella.

    On top of their robust nature, commercial umbrellas can be printed with custom logos which shows off your branding while keeping customers out of the rain or sun.

    What to look for in a Commercial Umbrella.

    The canopy of the umbrella is a very important aspect when making a choice, as the most suitable fabric will vary with the job it needs to do. It may be exposed to sunlight for long periods of time, or have to sustain a lar

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  2. The Best Cantilevers of 2018

    The Best Cantilevers of 2018

    The cantilever umbrella is reknown for being one of the most versatile types of umbrella available in both the commercial and domestic market. The fact that its main support post is not in the centre but at the side gives it the ability to work in more spaces than a centrepost umbrella, and the tilt and revolving functions found in most styles allow it to be used in a variety of ways that keeps the user comfortable and in control of the shade at all times. It's no surprise that this type of umbrella has recently become more popular with the ability to change the direction of the umbrella to block the sun at any time. 

     A Stand-Out Umbrella

    Not only do cantilever umbrellas provide shelter from the sun and from rain, they also look great as they are available in many colours, sizes, and styles. High-quality materials make them beautiful and functional decor pieces that encompass an air of elegance wherever they

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