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These Delux Steel Umbrella bases are made by Shelta Australia. They are available in 3 sizes and weights. Charcoal Colour only.

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Shelta's Delux Flat Steel Base Range comes in three sizes and one colour.


  • Flat steel plate
  • Adjustable stainless steel feet
  • Heavy duty adjustable side screw
  • Available in Charcoal only (note, Sandstone colour has been discontinued by Shelta)
  • Multiple spigot adapters to accommodate various umbrella pole sizes
  • Suitable for use with Brolly Trolley™


Use the following table to match the right size umbrella to the right size base.

  Size in cm Weight in kg Suits Umbrella Pole Size
Small 50 x 50cm 12kg 38-41mm dia.
Medium 60 x 60cm 16kg 47-50mm dia.
Large 60 x 60cm 22kg 57-60mm dia.


This base is available in one colour only, Charcoal.


We recommend the use of the Brolly Trolley™

Moving a café or market umbrella around is part of the appeal of this style of umbrella but…umbrellas are heavy and umbrella baseplates are even heavier!  No-one wants to unnecessarily lift these heavy items around and potentially injure themselves.  That’s where the Brolly Trolley comes in.  This Aussie made trolley simply slips under the baseplate of the umbrella and then by tilting the umbrella back toward you, you can simply and safely wheel the umbrella and base to the location you need it.  No heavy lifting, just a safe and easy way to relocate your umbrella. 

Important Note

These bases are not designed for use with umbrellas in windy conditions. What makes an umbrella stable in breezy conditions is the stability of its mounting. If you plan to use your umbrella in a breezy area you should select a different base option such as a Sunranger baseplate, boltdown or inground base option. 

This image shows an Delux Baseplate used with a market umbrella. The user has loaded additional weight bags onto the baseplate to increase its safety and overall stability.  This is recommended when using this product with larger sized umbrellas. 

In this example the customer has used a large Delux Baseplate - 22kgs and added 4 x 15kg weight bags taking the overall weight to 82kgs. 

Umbrella base with weightbags


You’ll find additional information about this product by using the Tabs at the top of the page. Of course you’re always welcome to call us during normal business hours on Freecall 1800 155 233.

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What is the warranty for these baseplates?

These umbrella baseplates come with a 12 month manufacturer warranty against defects.

What is the recommended maintenance?

If the powdercoat finish becomes or chipped this will expose the steel beneath and allow rust to start. If used in a marine environment or even a coastal city we recommend regular treatment with a rust prevention formula such as deodorised fish oil. This will inhibit rust and prolong the life of the baseplate.

Will they rust?

These baseplates are made from steel. They have been treated for rust prevention and then powdercoated. If the protective layer becomes scratched then rust can occur.

The spigot is not perfectly straight, is this a problem?

This can occasionally happen. The spigot bolt which screws into the baseplate may be slightly misaligned. The remedy is to screw the spigot almost fully onto the baseplate and then to apply pressure to straighten it. Once straightened, fully screw the spigot in.

What size umbrella are they suitable to use with?

Market umbrellas are commonly used with these baseplates and must not be considered permanent shade structures. Market umbrellas using movable baseplates such as these must be lowered when unattended or in windy conditions. The heavier the baseplate the more stable the umbrella will be, however, these baseplates should only be used with small umbrellas in sheltered areas.

Can you ship this umbrella baseplate to me?

Yes, we can ship these umbrella baseplates Australia wide.

1 Year Warranty

Shelta offer a 1 year workmanship warranty on this base.
Warranty covers the baseplate for workmanship and uses under normal conditions. The warranty does not cover damage caused by wind, or misuse. If the baseplate is used in a location near the ocean it should be treated regularly with a product such as deodorised fish oil. Unless this is done, warranty claims may not be valid.
The warranty of this baseplate does not cover rust.