Cantilever Umbrellas

Sidepost & Cantilever Umbrellas

Cantilever Umbrellas or Sidepost  umbrellas are very popular for pool shades and as outdoor sunshades. Often referred to as "side umbrellas", "offset umbrellas", "Ultrashade", "Giant umbrellas" or even "Umbrella Awnings", the selection of cantilever outdoor umbrellas you will find here are proven quality and almost an essential item for spending time outdoors.  Shade Australia handles a wide range of cantilever umbrellas from the ready-made "Savannah" cantilever to the made-to-order Revolvashade umbrella.

It's our experience with cantilever umbrellas that you need to go for quality.  With the pole on the side of the umbrella it is prone to winds and that's why we only sell high quality umbrellas.  

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"Savannah" Outdoor Umbrella

The 'Lynden' Umbrella

'Sidepost Classic' Umbrella

Revolva Shades