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Domestic 90 Plus Waterproof is an Extra Heavy shade cloth with a plastic coating layer on one side of the shade cloth to prevent water passing through.
Note: Shadecloth is designed to reduce the temperature underneath. If the fabric becomes stretched, for example if water pools, the fabric will stretch and the plastic resin coating will tear.  Accordingly, Waterproof Shade Cloth must NOT be used in any horizontal application as it will pond and the weight of the water could cause damage.  It may only be used where a slope is at least 20º and must be tensioned sufficiently to prevent holding water. Waterproof Domestic Plus is not designed for tension applications such as shade sails or for blocking strong winds.

**Always fix with the plastic side facing down.



  • Domestic 90 Waterproof provides an Extra-Heavy Grade Shade and rain protection
  • 1.8m wide x 30m
  • 200 GSM (grams per square metre)
  • 5 year Manufacturers Warranty against UV degradation


Domestic 90 Plus Waterproof is available in Sandstone and Green



Rolls are 30m long and available in 1.83m wide




5yr warranty    

Note: Warranty are specifically related to Workmanship and do not include damage caused by misuse.

Please refer to our Terms of Warranty.





Fencing Shade Cloth 50 can be affixed using Gang Nails or via a strip of aluminium or timber screwed down.
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